10 Best Paranormal Podcasts to Listen to Today

If you are anything like me, you have already watched every horror movie available on Netflix that feature haunted houses, possession, or ancient spirits. You might have even watched The Haunting of Hill House twice. While I love these movies, I always want to dig further into the stories behind the stories, and the tales and paranormal experiences that form the basis for these creepy shows.

Fortunately, I am not alone, and there are lots of people out there who have already done the leg work so you can just sit back and enjoy. Check out these ten podcasts that dig into the secrets of the paranormal and the unknown.

Astonishing Legends

On this show, hosts Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess interview people who believe that they have been affected by paranormal experiences to share chilling firsthand accounts. The hosts then dive into some of the details based on their own experience with the supernatural. Unlike most of the podcasts on this list that stick to a 30 or 45-minute format, these episodes vary in length depending on the topic. It is all about getting to the bottom of a mystery with an open mind, rather than cutting things to fit the format.

Beyond the Darkness

If you are looking for expert opinions, then Beyond the Darkness has you covered. The show conducts interviews with world-renowned researchers into everything to do with the paranormal in a way that is designed to challenge what you think you know. Monsters, aliens, demons, and miracles. Everything unexplained is on the table.


This podcast is great for fans of the horror genre who want to talk about films and books, while also exploring some real-life ghost stories. Hosts Byron, Sam and Captain Kelly talk about true ghost stories, but relate them to other aspects of the horror genre, which fans will adore. You may also find a new horror favorite to watch while listening.

Ghost Town

Rebecca Leib, a former haunted house tour guide, teams up with Jason Horton to dive into some of the most famous paranormal stories and occult conspiracies from around the world. They are mostly concerned with ghosts, demons, and possessions, but nothing is off-limits. They sometimes have guests on the who, such as psychic mediums and ghosthunters that can share their first-hand experiences.


Lore looks at some of the most frightening stories and folk tales from history, but rather than trying to explain the unexplainable, they delve into the dark side of human nature that these tales reveal. Hosted by Aaron Mahnke, it has previously won the Shorty Award for best podcast.

The Magnus Archives

The Magnus Institute is an organization dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird, and they have collected quite a library of stories and resources over the years. Each week the head archivist Jonathan Sims digs something up from the collection to share with listeners. He always seems to find the most truly unsettling stories.

Military Paranormal Investigations Podcast

This show does an amazing job of keeping up to date and relevant, always following the latest stories in the news and taking call-ins from people who feel like they are being affected by the paranormal in the here and now. Their stated mission is to improve their public’s knowledge and awareness of the paranormal, and while they aren’t skeptics, they certainly take getting to the bottom of a mystery seriously.

The NoSleep Podcast

If you are more interested in hearing spooky stories than diving into the mysteries behind them, you’ll love this podcast that produces dramatizations of some of the world’s creepiest stories, all with a professional voice-actors. The stories are curated by volunteer writers on Reddit.

Not Alone

In this series, we see skeptics and believers pit against each other with good cop Sam Frederickson and bad cop Jason Moitoso. They look at both historical paranormal mysteries, and things that are popping up in the news today. Despite the fun and light-hearted edge, these guys have done their research. There is a lot to learn here.

This Paranormal Life

If you are interested in trying to find explanations for some of the unexplainable things in this world, but also appreciate a bit of comedy, then this podcast is a great place to start. The hosts Rory Powers and Kit Grier look into real alleged paranormal cases, but always with a light heart, while not necessarily making light of the evidence or the experiences of the people involved But how do you know whether someone is torturing you via Voodoo doll or you just have back pain?

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