Best Political Podcasts to Keep You Informed About Politics


Although we admittedly didn’t live through the American Civil War, it feels like American politics have never been more volatile and divisive than they are today. It also feels like old ways are being challenged and new precedents set every day.

And that is just the United States. Countries around the world are experiencing similar political tidal waves, with Brexit and conflict looming on the China-India border.

There has never been a more important time to stay on top of what is happening in the world of politics.

But who has the time? Podcasts are your answer! Keep yourself informed while on your daily commute, washing the dishes, or even taking a shower.

Below are our picks for the best podcasts for staying on top of politics. Self-improvers can slot them in alongside their favorite educational and motivational podcasts.

The Bugle

If you want to hear about real politics, but also enjoy a good laugh, then check out this satirical podcast that deals with the real issue. It used to star John Oliver, until his commitment to his HBO politics round-up became too much. But expect the same mixture of irreverent comedy and genuine political journalism.

Citation Needed

If you are skeptical about modern political journalism, then this is the podcast for you. Hosts Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson examine the role of media in shaping politics, and shine a light on some of the unfortunately political influences at play within journalism.

In The Thick

In The Thick specifically aims to fill the gaps that are missing in mainstream news and tell the important stories that are hidden from the view of the general public. It is delivered by journalists with varied backgrounds, and there is no subject that is off-limits.

Left, Right, Center

Today American politics is firmly divided between left and right, but we often find ourselves stuck in our own bubbles, only hearing from people who agree with us. This show aims to break through the bubble by bringing together thought leaders on the left and right and have them debate the significant issues of the week.

Nerd Cast

This podcast was put together by Politico’s top journalists in order to keep on top of all the news coming out of the Trump White House each day. But don’t expect the team to disband with the change of administration. This is a group of Washington geeks that realizes that the way American politics works has changed forever.

The NPR Politics Podcast

If you want a quick daily update on the most important happenings in U.S. politics then turn in the NPR Politics Podcast. Its crew of political reporters (who just happen to all be women) provide a quick rundown of all the most important news.

Pantsuit Politics Podcast

This podcast acknowledges and embraces the partisan nature of modern American politics. It takes two political journalists from opposite sides of the aisle and lets them have real conversations about the most pressing political issues of the day. But don’t expect things to get malicious, the two have agreed to disagree, with grace.

Pod Save America

This podcast offers accessible political news that feels like you are having an informative conversation, except that your friends are former White House insiders. They are good at cutting through all the daily soundbites coming off Capitol Hill and identifying the issues that really matter and will steer the course of politics in the coming months.

Political Gabfest

Newspapers can deliberately make politics sound a bit dry in order to make their reporting seem impartial. But not this crew! Listening in feels like you are in the idle of a school gossip fest. Politics can be pretty entertaining when done right, and it is surprising how much those scandalous tidbits can reveal about the important issues.

Today Explained

This is another short daily podcast for anyone who wants to keep on top of the most important political news. It does a surprisingly good job of making the vast world of politics digestible with your morning coffee.

What To Hear Next?

If you are feeling a bit worn down by politics, change the channel on your podcast streamer for some more entertaining options. Give yourself a laugh with these top comedy podcasts, or indulge in a bit of armchair detective work with these true crime podcasts.

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