10 Best Sex Podcasts to Up Your Sex-Credentials (Updated List)

Sex, it is an essential part of our day to day lives, but it is practically a taboo subject to discuss in true detail. We are all told that we should be having the kind of sex we see in the movies, but no one is talking about what is actually going on in their bedrooms (or kitchens, or cars, or workplaces). We might tell our friends that we had great sex last night, but will we discuss the details of the best way to give and receive oral sex? When we are going through dry patches, perhaps because of a recent child birth or recent loss, how many people are actually talking about what is happening (or not) in their sex life? We are talking about safe sex with our kids, but are we teaching them how to make sex enjoyable?

If you want to know more about sex and have honest conversations with experts about sex, dating and relationships, then why not try one of these new sex podcasts that are aiming to demystify the mystery of sex.

Dateable Podcast

This sex podcast takes a look at the trials and tribulations of dating and the challenges from going from date to sex through real stories from real people. The hosts Julie and Yue are both experienced and open minded, which allows multiple different perspectives on sex, dating and relationship to emerge. The show also tries to end with practical insights for listeners to be able to improve their love lives.

Dear Sugars

Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond give radically empathetic advice on love, sex and dating. They discuss serious issues such as live and intimacy in the aftermath of loss and the effects of long periods of time without sex, but they aren’t afraid to delve into stranger issues such as orgies, public sex and dark fantasies. The pair take questions from listeners, so don’t be afraid to call in with that burning questions you’ve always been too embarrassed to ask.

The Heart

While no new episodes are being made, it is worth dipping into the archives of this great show. It looks at love, life, bodies and feelings with a critical and scientific lens, but uses real stories to answer the question: what is love? Hosted by Kaitlin Prest, she creates an extremely personal environment that means that any subject is on the table.

I want it that way: Bustle on Sex and Relationships

On this weekly podcast Katherine Kattalia and Emily Claire, along with other Bustle voices, talk to sex experts to bring their knowledge to you. One week you will find yourself in deep conversation with sexual health experts, and the next engaging with the pick-up artists that have mastered the art of Tinder. The team is asking questions that you didn’t even realise needed to be asked.

Love is like a plant

Ellen Huerta and Sarah May B get together on this podcast to ask the question, if love is like a plant, how can we help it grow? Both hosts have a lot of experience. Huerta developed the Med app, specifically designed to help people through breakups, and May B is the podcaster behind Hemp Me Be ME and The Break-Up Album. In this podcast they focus on nurturing successful, happy, intimately fulfilling relationships.

Modern Love

Brought to you by the New York Times column of the same name, personal essays published in the paper are read by notable actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Kate Winslet and Sandra Love. While this is a nice touch, it is the content that stands out. Stories look at topics such as aging and desire, breakup and loss, making unexpected connections, and commitment and polyamory.

Project Pleasure

This podcast has the goal of making safe sex pleasurable. Hosts Anouszka and Frankie get together every other week to tackle subjects that we should have covered in school, but definitely did not! They tackle real issues such as masturbation, sex during your period, sexual health stigmas, sexting and the reality of consent. This is all done in an open way that demystifies the mysteries of sex.

Savage Lovecast

Savage love is brought to us by sex-advice columnist and author Dan Savage. This is a weekly call-in advice podcast in which Dan gives graphic, pragmatic and humorous advice in response to real problems. Expect to hear from him on topics such as monogamy, gay rights, religiosity and politics. Dan is also a founder of the It Gets Better Project, so expect lost of LGBTQ relevant content.

Sex with Emily

This podcast is hosted by Emily Morse, a sec and relationship expert. She is known for giving non-judgemental and accessible advice that comes with just the right level of humour. Emily looks at the facts of life, such as what actually happens to our bodies when we get aroused, as well as fun content as how to improve your oral sex technique. The show allows for call ins, so get involved and ask your burning questions.

Sex with Strangers

On this show host Chris Sowa takes on one of the most difficult topics of discussion, sex, with a variety of guests, known as his strangers. This podcast is just getting started, but it already shows promise as Chris speaks to people from different places with different cultures to get an expansive and no holes barred look into the world of sex, love and relationships.

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