6 Best Sims 4 Mods to Enhance Your Gaming Experience (w/ Download Links)

The Sims gaming franchise has exploded ever since its release back in the day. To this day, there has been no other life simulation game that could ever top The Sims. Boasting of a worldwide following, the franchise has already launched its 4th installment of the game series. While it’s been out for a while now, you may remember that mods can be installed to ensure your Sims 4 experience is as fun as ever––never duplicated.

Whether you want to live your hobbies through your character or to have dun, here’s the list of all the mods you might want to keep track of just in case you’re already bored. Don’t worry, they’re for all ages and its only motive is to refresh and expand the way you enjoy the game.

Come on, the Sims 4 was released in 2014 and people are still either downloading the game or are still playing it. A big part of why people are staying is because of the handful of mods they can download and who knows where mods will take us in the next few years?

Build your own Houseboat

Yes, you heard me right. We’re starting off with a light mod––something to improve your lifestyle inside the game, perhaps. Sometimes, your current land house might be a little boring and the environment might be too familiar so why not take it to the waters? With this mod, you can build your own houseboat by decorating that vessel into your not-so-humble abode. If you have the engineering skills to decorate a tiny space and make it as home as possible, then we’re looking at the perfect mod for you.


Become a Sorcerer

One of the more straightforward mods out there. If you’re not satisfied with the unlimited power of actually controlling a sim character’s life, being a sorcerer might do the trick for you. Prepare yourself, however, as the mod does have an extensive magic system that you’ll have to familiarize yourself with. There’s a wide array of spells to wind up with––from those of the black arts to neutral spells that can speed you up at any time.

Before any of this, though, you’ll have to perform a ritual to turn into a sorcerer––choosing between the good and the bad, the light or the darkness. This mod is still for all ages, thankfully! Just a reminder that this won’t ever follow suit of the Realm of Magic expansion, but it does make for a good time.


Sweet Tooth

If you love your chocolate and candy goodies and you really want to make your Sims character like yourself, you’ll be enjoying the Sweet Tooth mod for sure. This mod turns your Sim into a baker––and a good one at it. The sweeter thing is that you’ll get to advance greater in culinary-based careers more than your friends.

There are plenty of additional interactions to play with now including eating an entire bowl of candy, sharing treats with other peers, and my personal favorite, throwing a pie in someone’s face. The mod is available for teenagers and adults.



If you’re really bored out of your mind, this will be the answer to all your problems. The Explore mod is as self-explanatory as it gets––it’s giving your Sim a whole new world to venture in and the good thing is that you don’t have to follow. The venturing Sim can go to malls after malls, local amusement parks, and occasionally even get a job. Basically, they won’t be the same Sim you last saw them as––may it be new clothes or a relationship. There’s also an option for them to go explore randomly without any guidance.



Here’s the real mod to rule all mods. The PokéSims mod is an addition that combines the world of Pokémon to the world of the Sims. Imagine everything you love in the anime with the chaos you’ve dealt your Sims world in, it’s fabulous. In the mod, you can transform your Sim either to a trainer or one of Pokémon’s most famous Pokés in Pikachu, Snorlax, Squirtle, or Voltorb.

If you want to be the best trainer of them all, you can challenge one another in the hopes of finding out who’s better. The world of Pokémon is definitely cute, but the mod isn’t at its best form yet. To change back to your Sim, you can just remove the mod.


Teleport Any Sim

Sims can get a little bit annoying for sure and sometimes, you just wish for a mod that could make it all go away. Oh, and if you’re also tired of getting the no-ladder-out-the-pool prank, the Teleport Any Sim mod can save your life plentiful times. Not only that, but you can also make other Sims leave your sight with just one command––making them wish they should’ve just visited someplace else.

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