5 Best Skyrim Mods You Need to Download and Try This Year

As you may know, mods have existed since the dawn of games. Whether it’s a classic title or not, we’re all thankful for some of the mods we’ve played throughout the years. Today, however, we put mods in the perspective of one of the most classic titles of the 21st century, Skyrim. Luckily for the players, the game supports a very large and passionate modding community made of the gamers themselves to keep the RPG interesting not only for those who have played for the longest time but even for the newer ones.

Undoubtedly, the game’s three official DLC’s have a lot to put on the table––serving players the extra content of a lifetime. However, you don’t have to wait for DLCs to make spice up your Skyrim experience. If you’re not familiar with mods, they’re basically tweaks to the gameplay or changes to how you play. Some modifications change the stories, some tweak the mechanics, and some make it a living hell to play the game––but it’s all in the name of good fun.

No matter where you’re looking from, each of these mods offers a wide array of features and potentially undiscovered content. From new areas to different methods of finishing the game, these are our best mods in Skyrim you can experience!

Moonpath to Elsweyr

One of the first few mods to ever boast of adding serious quests contents after the original Skyrim Creation Kit was added to the game. Not only does it boast of quests, however, it also adds new locations and a handful of stories to spice up your Skyrim experience.

You know what they say: “Only the Khajiit know the secret paths of the moon that lead the followers of the Mane back to Elsweyr.

In the mod, Dragonborn, the protagonist, escorts a Khajiit caravan to Elsweyr, the Khajiit’s homeland. If you’ve already finished the main campaign and want more of the Skyrim experience, this is the one to download first, followed by the next few mods we’ll be covering in a few. New settings, new faces, and even monsters to fend off––once you see these, you’ll wonder how a fellow player did this and not from the developers.

Boasting of around a million downloads, be sure to support its creator in Tomas Sala as he actually has an upcoming game in development called The Falconeer.



Much like the first mod, Falskaar is another one that flaunts its high-quality gameplay––adding a handful of new content outside of the main campaign which I expect to be the most fulfilling for all those who’ve finished Skyrim in a couple of hours.

Falskaar adds an entirely new heap of land called Falskaar and you can play it for two more hours or even more (depending on how much you’ve learned from the main campaign) because of all the added gameplay and tons of quests.

Coming from those who have experienced the mod, they’ve compared the installment as a unique breed of quality that only actual developers can pursue. One of the main reasons why is the huge addition of content. Not only that, but the little things like new characters have new voice actors––both professional and non-professional ones. You’ll also be introduced with new items and a pretty epic soundtrack.

No surprises here for its two million downloads, eh?


Helgen Reborn

Remember the introduction? “Hey you, you’re finally awake,” as the leader of the local Stormcloak rebellion says. You and Ulfric are delivered to Helgen for execution, however, while on the way to Helgen, the dragon Alduin destroys the town and eventually frees the imperial prisoners in the process.

The mod showcases that side of the story––emphasizing on a new story arc dedicated to it with fully-voiced quests. In the mod, you’ll be helping the city rebuild after the attack of the dragon. Quests include learning about the “legend of the Keepers of Hattu,” which, in itself, is a new narrative to the game––a new lore to discover.


Sounds of Skyrim: Complete

What makes Skyrim, well, Skyrim, is its inherent score. For a world as big as the game’s, making the soundtrack so immersive is one of the secrets for making it one of the best generational ones. In this mod, the game’s audio experience is complemented by a series of overhauls plus hundreds of new effects. Once you’ve downloaded the complete version of the mod, expect more audio effects to urban environments, the wilderness, and the dungeons.

It’s nothing too special with regards to the gameplay, but it does make the game more immersive than ever. With millions of downloads, are you sure you don’t want to give this one a try?


Apocalypse: Magic of Skyrim

Not every mod adds a soundtrack or a new bunch of quests to the game, some, much like this one, provides a different feel to your gameplay––especially on the fighting end of things. Once you’ve downloaded this mod, get ready for new options to practice your magic spells.

It’s the perfect mod if you’ve always considered your fighting style to be one of the spellcasters. Anyone up for a mage playthrough?


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