10 Best Taylor Swift Songs

Good music is a matter of personal taste. Nah. We all know a good song when we hear it.

Taylor Swift has made a name for herself as an excellent young composer. To date, she has released seven studio albums and won ten Grammys. There isn’t really any arguing with success like that

From all her many, many hits, these are the best of the best as voted by listeners through buying, streaming, or whatever it is that the kids to these days.

Shake It Off (2014)

While this might be less serious and more pop than Swift’s more critically acclaimed songs, fans love it for a good reason. The tune and the beat are perfect for dancing, and the content speaks to a social media generation that are facing the world of “haters” on an entirely new level.

You Belong With Me (2008)

This classic tells the song of a very relatable protagonist who manages to sum up the complex feelings that we all understand in a simple turnoff phrase. The catchy double clap in the bridge is also a very nice touch.

Blank Space (2014)

It is fun to see Swift mocking her own romantic history in this fun tune, but again, she manages to deliver layers of sincerity and sentiment that makes this song work on a deeper level. It also has one of those tunes that you just want to sing along to.

Love Story (2008)

The song that put Swift on the map, in this ambitious diddy she tells the story of a couple in love, but doesn’t let it get so sentimental that it becomes heavy. If nothing else, this was the start of the love story between Swift and many of her fans.

I Knew You Were Trouble (2012)

There are so many different music themes embedded in this song that it shouldn’t really work, but somehow it does. Speaking of that boy who you know isn’t good for you but you just can’t quit, the song matches the rollercoaster of the encounter.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (2012)

This song is biting and witty, and also an anthem for anyone who has dealt with someone who is just not willing to let go and accept that it is over. It balances sarcasm with sincerity to make it fun, but still speak to listeners on a deeper level.

Bad Blood (2014)

This song is built around a schoolyard chant which might never leave your head, which is why it is so popular, but Swift seems a bit old and successful for such a tune. Swift in the role of victim is hard to believe.

I Don’t Wanna Life Forever (2017)

This song was actually written for the 50 Shades Darker soundtrack, which gives it questionable credentials, but was still a favorite with fans. Give everything today since no one wants to live forever, it the only thing terrible about that film.

Wildest Dreams (2014)

This is one of the few times we see a genuinely vulnerable Swift. While she likes to use her life to tell stories, this is one of the few tracks in which she shows her true deeper emotions. That makes it magnetic.

Style (2014)

It certainly feels like a lot of effort went into getting the details of this song right, whether it is the perfectly balanced lyrics of the effortless guitar licks in the verses. This is one of those songs that promises to remain popular for decades, and never go out of style.

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