Hit Netflix Original, ‘Bird Box’, will be having a sequel in the works after Malerman’s ‘Malorie’!

IMDB: 6.6

I think we’re all in agreement in saying that Bird Box is one of the best outputs by Netflix. Period. At the end of 2018, the streaming giant produced Josh Malerman’s novel of the same title and was then released to all the subscribers worldwide––not knowing that this will become a part of the Netflix Hall of Fame for years to come.

Breaking record after record––and even the occasional Tik Tok craze following it––Bird Box is surely one of Netflix’s most successful films. And as of late, everyone’s desire for a sequel will soon be given justice to. This time, it’s Malerman’s sequel novel, Malorie.

However, the streamer has yet to announce that a sequel is actually in the works, but Malerman did reveal that the sequel was in the works––and if not, he’s game for it either way.

I can’t say much, but I can say that it is in development. Sometimes it’s weird, all this secrecy, but I’m game.”

This is a good sign for all those who are waiting for a sequel. Just don’t be expecting a release date soon, but Malerman’s comment does put make us assume that the development is in its early stages of development. Plus Malerman only released his novel, Malorie, two months ago in July 2020. The thing is, Malerman didn’t even have to write the sequel novel for the streamer to give the hit film an installment. The film was so big, receiving 89 million views so far, that Bird Box takes a second-place finish in the most-watched Netflix Originals list.

As for many fans, Sandra Bullock is a must for Malorie. There’s no confirmation, however, if the Bullock will be reprising the role, but Malerman does have something to say about it:

It took about the same amount of time. I was also aware that there was a possibility that Sandra Bullock wouldn’t be playing Malorie. When you first start writing novels, especially now, how do you not see them cinematically? We grew up on movies. So with Bird Box, I always saw it cinematically. It almost reads like stage directions. It felt the same writing Malorie, but I didn’t have Sandra Bullock in mind when I wrote the first one.

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