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‘BoJack Horseman’ creator doesn’t rule out a future film comeback

The 6th season of BoJack Horseman is the last go of the show. Its first part premiered the past week, on October 25, to widespread critical and audience acclaim, as usual. The rest of the last season will launch at the start of 2020.

There was a ton of speculation on why the show ended, many pointing at Raphael Bob-Waksberg, the show’s creator. But now, he’s told a different story in an interview with Vulture.

He discussed the last season

He says that ending BoJack with its sixth Season was not his call, but Netflix’s, as he saw the show continuing for “a couple more years,” but Netflix wanted to call it quits after Season 6. Still, Waksberg doesn’t feel bad for the streamer’s decision.

“You know, it’s a business,” Bob-Waksberg said. “They’ve got to do what’s right for them, and six years is a very healthy run for a TV show. Frankly, I’m amazed we got this far. So I can’t complain. I think if we premiered on any other network, or even on Netflix on any other time than when we did, I don’t know if we would’ve gotten the second season… A lot of things on Netflix don’t get second seasons. I think it’s a very busy landscape. It’s hard to make an impression. I think we just got very lucky when we premiered.”

Bob-Waksberg said in the interview that his first season ending initially didn’t have any loose ends that hinted a Season 2 but Netflix officials asked him to add them. After doing so, he told them to please let him know when they wanted a Season to be the last so he could finish the story as he wanted, and that’s what happened prior to Season 6 development.

“They don’t have to do that, obviously,” Bob-Waksberg said. “But I said I would appreciate it if I could have the forewarning to give the show a proper finale, and not set up some cliffhangers that will never pay off. So when they picked up season six, they said, ‘Hey, remember how you asked for that heads-up? We think that this is your heads-up.’ So I’m very grateful that we got that notice.”

Does that mean the show would return for special episodes or even a film? Not necessarily, but the creator is open to every option:

“I don’t want to rule anything out, but I will say, I am very happy with where we leave all the characters at the end of the show. Right now, I’m not itching to tell more stories in this universe, even though there were more stories that I would’ve been happy to tell.”

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