‘Borgen’ Season 1-3: Release date, Season 4 renewal, and more

The best of Denmark is coming soon. All three seasons of Borgen is premiering on Netflix on the1st of September, 2020. The critically acclaimed Danish political thriller series was supposed to come to the streaming giant in June but either way here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Danish champion––and more!

Surely, audiences will have high expectations for the show. Almost all Netflix regions have watched and experienced one of the most sought out series in Denmark on the 15th of June, 2020. The regions set to receive the first to third seasons of the thriller are Netflix USA, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Often regarded as one of the best political series in history, the series boasts of stars such as Sidse Babett Knudsen, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, Emil Poulsen, and Euron Greyjoy from theGame of Thronesfranchise himself, Pilou Asbæk. Believe me, it’s going to be hard to see Pilou transition from a warmonger to a relatively professional individual in a freaking suit.

Here’s the synopsis according to Netflix:

A shocking turn of events puts Birgitte Nyborg in the Danish prime minister’s seat as her country’s first female leader in the landmark drama.

From 2011 to 2013, the first three seasons of the political thriller aired in Denmark.

That isn’t the end, though. In addition to the series coming to the platform,Borgenis also set to receive a revival for a fourth season due to release on 2022. The project is a co-production between Danish TV network, DR, and Netflix.

At first,Borgenreally was supposed to release on the 15th of June globally but was delayed until a week later, 22nd of June. However, things got a little hazy and Netflix didn’t even include it from the schedule. But now,the coming soon section once again boasts of the series and will be coming to the streaming giant of the1st of September, 2020.

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