Brennan Clost – Net Worth Details & Who Is He Dating?

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Brennan Clost’s name might be creeping around your social media’s timelines––don’t take it too creepily, it’s actually for good reasons. Getting to land a spot in a Netflix series does put your name out there, and that’s exactly why Clost has been gaining traction for the past week.

In Netflix’s newest Tiny Pretty Things, Clost has landed himself a spot. However, that isn’t his first experience dealing with cameras––he just looks really young. The actor has already appeared in a handful of both TV series and films and has been quite the success through it all. 

In question, however, is his dating status and sexuality––mostly from his fans. There have been speculations of his relationship with Brittany Raymond, but look no further! Here’s everything you need to know about Clost, alongside his net worth. 


Hailing from Canada, Clost is a 26-year-old actor and dancer who was highly acclaimed for his performance for The Next Step. Just like everyone, Clost has a YouTube channel with his childhood friend, Brittany Raymond. The two have been in the business as producers or actors in a ton of series like Graped

As for dancing, he’s trained in various dance styles––bagging himself a silver medal during the ‘World Showdance Championships’.

Career and Net Worth:

At the age of 16, his passion for dancing has been his priority ever since. With that, Clost has been closely tied to contests and dance competitions. In those events, he was spotted by a talent manager and was quickly signed into his roster––giving Clost the chance to audition for a television series, which he absolutely nailed. 

A couple of years later, his name in the dancing realm was as big as Chris Hemsworth to Marvel’s Avengers. Clost has been in multiple TV shows, most notably talent hunt ones like Canada’s Got Talent and Degrassi: The Next Generation.

As for the awards, he won the title of ‘Mr. Onstage New York’ in 2006, and ‘Mr. Showbiz’ in 2008.

Though his excellence as a dancer and as an actor, his net worth comes at $150,000 in total. 

Who is he dating?

For a brief moment, everyone was into the idea of Brennan Clost and Casimere Jollette being in a relationship because of all the Instagram posts from each other. There was also a time in 2019 when Keara Graves was the suspected girlfriend because of her uploaded video titled ‘WHO WEARS THE PANTS IN OUR RELATIONSHIP? // ft. Brennan Clost’. Misleading, yes, but the fans weren’t sold on the idea. 

The strongest guess by the fans were Clost and Brittany Raymond. Considering that they’ve been on each other’s social media for forever, it seems as though they’ve been a thing and the fans were just blind enough to see. 

However, Brittany’s Instagram would say otherwise because she was actually dating a guy named Benjamin Dunlop––shutting all the doors of a relationship between her and Clost. 

There have also been speculations of Clost’s sexual orientation. His attitude and gestures lead the people to assume that Clost is a gay individual. Though he hasn’t addressed any of these comments, it is in his decision to disclose whatever there is to disclose without the backlash of the fans. 


Brennan Clost is an up and coming, young talent that everyone needs to see. Whether or not you’ve seen his YouTube videos, his fame will only rise due to his recent casting for Tiny Pretty Things. The Canadian dancer has a net worth of $150,000 and seems to be single at the moment. 

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