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Business podcasts are great to listen to when trying to develop a better content plan or marketing approach. Although it might seem a little unusual to turn to a podcast for advice, some of the most popular businesses out there have turned to podcasts to help others succeed. 

There are a variety of business podcasts out there as well, so which one do you turn to in order to get the best advice? Here are some of our favorite business podcasts that we think you should be tuning into on your way to work or when you have a little downtime. 


This podcast has various mentors who join it and give insightful interviews from experiences they’ve gone through. Leaders will also teach courses that help with common problems that could hurt business owners. Currently, there have already been over 1,000 experts contributing to the podcast, and it is continuing to grow every day. 

Inside LaunchStreet 

If innovation is your struggle, this is the podcast for you. It is designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs on all levels of business. This can include differentiation in marketing, sales, operations, and everyday business life. The podcast loves to focus on the “big picture” and help entrepreneurs everywhere.

Business Wars 

This podcast is relatively new but is already one of the most popular business podcasts around. Each episode reviews a case study with a lot of conflict between two businesses and how to handle your business in the same situation. Some episodes include Blockbuster and Netflix, Red Bull vs Monster, and Southwest vs American. 

StartUp Podcast 

If you’re thinking of starting your own business, give this podcast a listen. It covers what it is like to launch your own startup business and the struggles behind it. The podcast offers the right mix of personal and professional takes, and it can inspire you and give you the tactics you need to be successful. 

The Marketing Companion 

Not all business podcasts can be tedious, and that is why The Marketing Companion is on this list. The podcast prides itself in being “the world’s most entertaining marketing podcast”. It features celebrity guest spots and has comedy mixed into it but also gives terrific marketing advice that can help benefit your business. 

Duct Tape Marketing 

Smaller and home-based entrepreneurs can really relate to this podcast. It is designed to help you stretch your marketing budget but has a great blend of marketing and sales content. It focuses on referral selling and gives you the tools you need to understand more home-based business functions. 

Rise Podcast 

Hosted by CEO Rachel Hollis, this award-winning podcast sits down with all types of business powerhouses and talks about everything. It includes business growth and pursuing entrepreneur opportunities and anything in between. 

Make It Happen Mondays 

John Barrows is the host of this podcast, and he has worked with some big names at companies like LinkedIn and Salesforce. In the podcast, he talks about common sales topics and takes questions from the community. The podcast can cover everything like B2B sales, cold calling, negotiating, and closing. 

The 10-Minutes Entrepreneur 

This quick and easy podcast gives you tips on how you can better equip yourself for success. The podcasts hosted by Sean Catrina, who has started over 15 successful companies in 20 years. The podcast will give you practical and tactical advice that is easy to follow. 

How I Built This 

Some of the biggest entrepreneurs are interviewed on this NPR podcast. You find out helpful information like how they got into the business and how profitable their business is. Guests of the show include innovators, idealists, and businesspeople, including the founders of Ben and Jerry’s, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. 


If you have a few moments to sit down and listen to one of these podcasts, it might benefit you and your business. You might find that you learn some useful tips that you didn’t even think to try out in your own business, or maybe they give you the nudge you needed to start your own business. 

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