Despite the #CancelNetflix, the Subscribers’ Piqued Interest led them to watch ‘Cuties’

To anyone’s surprise, the clamor of the people to boycott Netflix because of the relase of the French movie in Cuties or Mignonnes may have affected the audience oppositely.

For the past months leading to the release of the French film, almost all of the subscribers have been on the opposing side of the film as it features pre-teen girls who form a provocative dance group that has been believed to be perform sexualized routines. As audiences have watched previews and have also seen promotions, they’ve called out Netflix to remove the film from their library––even making a petition to do so alongside the #CancelNetflix hashtag.

A Hollywood marketing and research firm by the name of Screen Engine/ASI has said that the controversy only piqued the people’s interest in watching the film. According to the company, out of the 96 viewers they surveyed, more than half (52%) of them said that the one of the reasons why they watched the film was because of the controversy surrounding it. On the other hand, 29% said that it was the only reason they watched.

What’s more surprising is the effect on their decision right after they’ve watched the film. 72% of those who were surveyed sad that the controversy was “overblown” after seeing the film. The company has also reported that 48% said that it still shouldn’t be on the streaming giant, and 17% agreed that it still doesn’t have a place in the platform’s library.

As you may know, Netflix had to apologize for their promotional poster for the film before it was released––stating that it did not relay the message they had purposely made for the film.

“We’re deeply sorry for the inappropriate artwork that we used for Mignonnes’/’Cuties. It was not OK, nor was it representative of this French film, which premiered at Sundance. We’ve now updated the pictures and description,” the tweet reads.

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