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‘Castle Rock’ Season 2: Plot, Cast, Trailer and All We Know So Far

‘Castle Rock’ is an anthology series produced by Hulu based on the stories of Stephen King and the fictional town where many tales of his universe are based upon: Castle Rock, Maine. After Season 1 success the streaming company quickly greenlit a second season of the show created by Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason, which as Stephen King as a key collaborator.

Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Castle Rock’ Season 2.

Castle Rock Season 2 Release Date

You can watch ‘Castle Rock’ Season 2 on Hulu from Wednesday, October 23 in the US. A UK release date hasn’t been announced. The renewal arrived before the premiere of Season 1, which means Hulu trusts in the project greatly. Season 2 will be quite short, it will only have 6 episodes.

What’s the plot?

As you may hint from the Season 2 release date announcement, we’ll see some of Stephen King’s ‘Misery’. The show will give us a younger version of Annie Wilkes, played by Lizzy Caplan (‘Mean Girls’, ‘Masters of Sex’).

“A feud between warring clans comes to a boil when budding psychopath Annie Wilkes, Stephen King’s nurse from hell, gets waylaid in Castle Rock,” says the official synopsis of ‘Castle Rock’ Season 2.

As you may know, ‘Castle Rock’ is not an anthology in the sense that every chapter is a different story in the same universe, like ‘Black Mirror’, but that every season tells a different story based on Stephen King’s universe in Castle Rock, Maine.

Dustin Thomason said in an interview that “The basic idea is that it is an anthology in the sense that we’re going to tell a new story that gives you a different lens into Castle Rock and into Stephen King each season. The thing we’ve always been really excited about, in the same way that the Stephen King universe operates, is that each story will stand alone, but that we will be circling back to characters whose stories intersect with the new stories.”

Here’s the trailer so you can see what Thomason is talking about:

Let’s talk about the cast and crew

Lizzy Caplan seems to be the main attraction of Season 2. She’ll play Annie Wilkes, one of the best-known characters created by Stephen King and that led Kathy Bates to win an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in the 1990’s film adaptation. In this show, Annie Wilkes will be a nurse with mental health issues stuck in Castle Rock. Caplan portrayed Virginia E. Johnson in ‘Masters of Sex’, netting Emmy, Satellite, and Critics’ Choice nomination for her role.

Tim Robbins plays Reginald ‘Pop’ Merrill, the head of the Merrill crime family as he’s dying of cancer. Robbins is best known for his role as Andy Dufresne in ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, based on a King’s short novel. Pop Merrill first appears in King’s 1990 novel, ‘The Sun Dog.’

Paul Sparks, better known for his role as Thomas Yates in Netflix’s hit ‘House of Cards’ will replace the originally-cast Garrett Hedlund as John ‘Ace’ Merrill. Ace is a nephew of Pop Merrill who’s set to take over his business. A hothead bully, he threatens the peace with Jerusalem’s lot. Ace first appeared in ‘The Body’ (1982), as the main antagonist, and was played by Kiefer Sutherland in the 1986 film adaptation ‘Stand by Me.’ Ace Merrill also appeared in King’s 1991 novel ‘Needful Things.’

John Hoogenakker was cast for an unknown, recurring role. So far we online know that he has a complicated connection with Annie Wilkes.

Elsie Fisher is Joy, the home-schooled teenage daughter of Annie Wilkes that starts to question her mother’s mental sanity.

Yusra Warsama will play Dr. Nadia Omar, a Harvard Somali medical director of a rural hospital. Barkhad Abdi will play Abdi, Nadia’s tough, older brother who attempts to build a Somali community center in the town.

Matthew Allan is Chris Merrill, Pop’s nephew and Ace’s brother, the man who tries to maintain the peace between the Merrill family and the Somalis.

Completing the cast are Robin Weigert as Crysilda Wilkes, Annie Wilkes’ mother; Sarah Gadon as Rita Green, described as “a vengeful woman from Annie’s past.; Alison Wright as Valerie, “a kind-hearted local who is exploring the town’s evil history.” and Greg Grunberg as Sheriff Boucher, “a local official that gets caught up in the Merrill’s fights.

The entire creative team of ‘Castle Rock’ Season 1 is set to return for Season 2. The showrunners are Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason who serve as executive producers with Stephen King, TV legend, J.J. Abrams, Ben Stephenson, Liz Glotzer, and Mark Lafferty. The company’s behind the show are Bad Robot Productions, Old Curiosity Shop, Darkbloom Productions, and Warner Bros. Television. Robin Sweet, Tamara Isaac, and Scott Brown are the producers.

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