Netflix now streaming Cem Yilmaz’s latest dramedy: Comidark Films 2

Netflix, whether you like it or not, has been dominated by international releases. I’m not surprised that in each day that passes, another release comes crawling on the streaming giant’s arsenal. This time, it’s Turkey’s time to shine!

In October 2018, Cem Yilmaz released a film that cemented his legacy in Turkish cinema with Karakomik Filmler or Comidark Films 2. Not only has he starred in the film but he has also written and directed it. Talk about power moves, am I right? And now, you’ll get to see Yilmaz’s masterpiece on the streaming platform!

Here’s a rough translation of the Netflix synopsis:

In this Cem Yılmaz collection of tragicomic and character-centered movies, ordinary heroes go on surreal, extraordinary journeys. Watch the second episode

Some people might be aware of its release last 26th of June, but Netflix Turkey’s social media account, prior to June 27th of course, didn’t post anything about the release. Most fans from the country don’t have the means to always check their accounts and search for the title in hopes of finding out if the film has already been released or not. Though the film is coming to the platform, Yılmaz has rightfully shared his sentiments on Twitter towards Netflix’s decision to not announce his movie.



“Netflix Turkey is probably unaware. @netflixturkiye darling, our movie must have been released on your platform yesterday, did someone tell you not to tweet about it,” says the director in his first tweet.

And Netflix Turkey responded with: “#KarakomikFilmler2 announcement tweet.”


The director responds again with: “One day you’ll learn that this is not a 3rd world country. You funny thing.”

As both accounts go back and forth, all we’re here to say is that Netflix has to support their creators. It’s what keeps the platform alive––no matter how small or big the film or series might be. Entertainment keeps us together and in a time like this, it’s probably the best thing we have.

Now that that’s out of the way, enjoy the trailer of the film! Watch it on the platform now!

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