Cheer is in Netflix Purgatory: Netflix or a Chance at Another Championship?

You can’t deny it and so can we. Cheer has definitely caught on everyone’s watch-list for Netflix over the month it was released––and deservingly so.

It became the talk of the town, catching people’s eyes with its deep perspective on the heavy burned placed on such young members of one of the country’s most adamant, competitive, talented, and prestigious cheerleading team, Navarro College. With a director such as Last Chance U’s Greg Whiteley, the series revolves around the great Monica Aldama’s eye-catching program at the aforementioned school. It captures what it takes to become a champion––triumphs, sacrifices, stresses, and as an athlete, we can’t take away injuries. So. Many. Injuries. But that’s what it takes to become the best of the best, right?

Recently, Texas’ ABC 25 News reports on the exclusivity policy in the NCA and NDA Collegiate Cheer competitions’ policy list that explicitly states that teams having to participate in a series such as Cheer disallows them to participate in competitions. With the policy existing since 2017, that’s a lot of trouble for the team. The rule states that, and I quote, “teams may jeopardize their eligibility to compete in the NCA & NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship if they participate in a televised program or print media that portrays their team, school or general activity of collegiate cheer and/or dance in a negative manner.”

The fact that Netflix hasn’t really touched on a second season, maybe because it’s still early to tell, is quite concerning. Unfortunately, with people like Reese Witherspoon and Houston Texans’ very own J. J. Watt supporting the series, even I wouldn’t know what to do. Cheer really isn’t in the best position to choose whether continuing the series or competing. Amongst everything else, this is Monica Aldama’s championship team. If they think they have nothing else to prove or if they do, it’s entirely in their shoulders to decide.

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