Chivas de Guadalajara get their docuseries in Prime Video

Just like Barcelona in Spain, Boca in Argentina or Manchester City in England, Chivas will have its documentary series.

Amaury Vergara, the owner of the team known in Mexico as “El Rebaño Sagrado” (the sacred flock), already had intentions of working on a series for his soccer team after working on the team’s movie.

In an interview, Vergara said that the series is a collaboration with Amazon Prime Video. According to Vergara, this is going to be the first project of its kind in Mexico. “We will be among the greats of soccer with this series.”

Wherever the team goes, film cameras and a staff of people will follow. The production and film crew have full access to the equipment. Rubén Bañuelos and Iván López will be the directors of this docuseries, they will try to repeat their success after directing the club’s film.

Neither Vergara nor Amazon Prime Video spokespeople have given details about the status of the production or the release date. But we assume that for now the work must be stalled like all the other films.

Amazon Prime Video is testing new opportunities by producing docuseries at a high rate. Still, it is also noteworthy that the entertainment giant is increasingly interested in seeking out and filming stories outside of its main market (the U.S.). Let’s remember that it hasn’t been long since the release of El Presidente and The Last Narc. Both productions have a strong Latin American touch.

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