Chris Berman: Married Life, Kids & Net Worth Details


Chris Berman is one of the greatest, most adored sportscasters in the United States and just generally in sports itself. Working for the business for four decades, Berman has been known as ‘boomer’ since he was the main man of SportsCenter on ESPN since the late 70s. Alongside that, Berman has also been the host of the Sunday NFL Countdown program since 1985.

At that point, you can argue that Berman is one of the most legendary men to take charge of sportscasting––winning the National Sportscaster of the Year from the National Sports Media Association a total of a whopping six times. 

Nowadays, fans have found it undoubtedly hard to watch NFL Sundays without Berman and his passionate voice. From engaging commentary and entertaining phrases, he had a fruitful career in the business after announcing that he was bowing out of any NFL-associated duties from ESPN in January 2017. 


Chris Berman, born on the 10th of May, 1955, in Greenwich, Connecticut, was born to a successful family. His father was a corporate executive vice president while her mother worked as a Times Magazine reporter. As expected, Berman was inspired by her mother to do work in the field of reporting.

Berman enrolled in Brown University in 1977 and experienced his first bout with journalism when he became the school’s radio station’s sports director. Funny how everything would fall into place for the future sportscaster. Eventually, he graduated with a degree in history from Brown University.

Career and Net Worth:

As mentioned, Berman has been selected six times for National Sportscaster of the Year (1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1996, and 2001) by the National Sports Media Association. Before that, however, Berman worked simply as a weekend sports anchor at NBC News affiliate in Hartford. In October of 1979, he joined ESPN. 

During his fruitful time in ESPN, he covered NFL shows such as Sunday NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown. He also hosted the Super Bowl in ABC Sports––one of the biggest annual events in sports. 

In 2010, Berman signed a deal with ESPN that made him continue hosting NFL events as well as various sports like golf and baseball. Two years later, however, Berman was starting to negate his originally fun personality. There are plenty of fans who love the takes of Berman during games and after, but others have seemingly veered away from his jokes––thinking that they were too outdated and even offensive for some. However, his contract was still renewed until 2016 but was on the verge of his retirement. Even so, ESPN renewed his contract for a lesser load.

His net worth stands at $30 million and is said to have earned $5 million through his salary.

Married Life & Kids:

In 1983, Berman was married to Katherine Alexinski. The couple had two children: Douglas and Meredith with both childs attending very prestigious Ivy League schools. However, Alexinski died in a car collision in Woodbury on the 9th of May, 2017––before Chris’s 62nd birthday. According to the reports, she was driving drunk and has also killed the driver of the other car as well. 

As of late, Berman has been keeping his life in private––seemingly enjoying his profession and life as a father to both his children in his latter parts of life. 


Chris Berman was one of the best to ever be a sportscast in the business. Inspired by her mother who worked for Times Magazine as a reporter, he went on to win multiple awards surrounding his profession and became quite the name in the sports industry. However, there’s been a point in Berman’s life where he wasn’t the best in his profession––receiving a share of criticism along the way. After tragedy struck him and his family with his wife’s passing due to a car collision, he has now been living his life privately as a father.

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