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Netflix’s The Red Sea Diving Resort Trailer: Chris Evans is Back with his Beard!

After eight years of saving the world from aliens, total mass destruction and Thanos’ snap, Captain America has finally put down (or passed on) the shield of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who was then Steve Rogers, Chris Evans is now embracing a new heroic role for Netflix’s upcoming biographical drama movie The Red Sea Diving Resort by Gideon Raff.

According to Raff’s interview with USA Today, the movie is based on real events that happened from the 1970s to the 1980s. Evans character in the movie, Mossad agent Ari Kidron, along with a few of his fellow undercover agents, settled in a deserted resort––the Red Sea Diving Resort in Sudan––which was then used as a hiding place for Ethiopian refugees whom the agents smuggled out of the crossfire towards safety in Israel.

Here’s the trailer of the movie!

In a world where struggle exists and the real-life crisis wherein refugees are unwillingly seeking awareness, this movie is a real eye-opener. Raff gushed, during the interview, that “The story is as timely now as it was then; the plight of refugees is in the news every minute, every day. Their struggles to reach a safe harbor and give their children a better future has never been more relevant than today.”

Infinity War Beard also stars in this movie! Evans’ facial hair became a social media celebrity in itself but also plays a fit in the fashion of the 70s and 80s. The more hair you had, the better you looked, I guess? Raff said “As for Chris, he is appealing with or without, but his beard helped convey the character of agents who went undercover in the field for months at a time. I love his look in the movie.”

The Red Sea Diving Resort will make its Netflix debut on July 31st!

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