‘The Society creator, Christopher Keyser, speaks up about the series cancellation

The creator of The Society, Christopher Keyser, found out that on Thursday, Netflix put the show on the chopping block. Alongside Keyser’s creation was I Am Not Okay With This. With all the backlash the streamer has gotten, their statement about the sudden cancellations said that they were “disappointed to have to make these decisions due to circumstances created by COVID.”

In an exclusive interview with Variety, Keyser stated that:

“We spent the last bunch of months getting ready to go back again, dealing with all the COVID protocols.”

“And then I got a call from Netflix saying, ‘We have made this decision.’ It was obviously pretty upsetting and abrupt.”

As abrupt and upsetting as it was, he and co-executive producer Pavlina Hatoupis couldn’t do anything about the decision but gather the cast and crew last Thursday and Friday to prepare them for the news.

Obviously, the show was loved by the audiences––considering that there are thousands of people lashing out on the streamer for pulling the plug on both series. However, it was only canceled because of the protocols alongside the pandemic––affecting both its budget and overall schedule.

According to Keyser, The Society was already prepared to begin shooting its second season in March but of course, production had to be ceased. When production started to ease in and every series on the block started filming, Keyser said:

“We were dealing with Netflix and the rise in the budget and all of that kind of stuff,” the creator said. “There were ongoing conversations — we knew that there were challenges for this.”

As for saving the series, considering that Netflix owns and produces the show, it’s probably unlikely for them to revive the series. However, there have been instances where Netflix listened to their subscribers and considered it. But Keyser did have a couple of things to say about it:

“It’s only been a day, so I haven’t even thought about it in a meaningful way,” Keyser said.

“Obviously, no one wants to see the story they’re writing end, and I would like the characters not to end up as the children of New Ham — to have disappeared suddenly, abruptly, never to be seen again. But I’m not entirely in control of that.”

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