Circling Back – The podcast you didn’t know you needed

Whatever you’re doing, stop. Grab your headphones, open up wherever you get your podcasts, and search for Circling Back. I know this podcast will not be for everyone, but in my honest opinion, you’re missing out by not even giving it a chance. They typically cover whatever is popular in the content world at the time, whether that be the “Hit me on the grom” kid or talking about Matty B, and they also have a bunch of other little spinoffs on their Patreon (Worst Weekends, Spooky SZN, etc.). I’ve been a listener since Circling Back was named something else and owned by a different company, probably going on three years now, and I legitimately get saddened when I miss an episode. These guys have become a part of my life even though I live 1,200 miles away, and I highly suggest giving them a shot to become a part of yours too.

Will deFries – Proprietor of Will Mon’s, Noted Sock, and Aesthetic Picture God

On a certain unnamed previous podcast, Will seemed to be the guy who was always at the brunt of the jokes. That has now seemingly moved to Papa Dorn (more on that in the next section), and Will has inserted himself as one of my favorite characters of all time. Whether it be his love of Kid Rock, constant mashing of the Tim “the Toolman” Taylor button, or posting pictures of saran-wrapped sandwiches, this guy makes me chuckle non-stop. A little background info on this guy; Thirty-something years old (no one truly knows his age), dog dad, recently engaged, and creator of Sunday Scaries. This man is an absolute grind boy and I love it. All three of these Kings were inspirations behind me beginning writing/blogging as well, but Sock deFries was definitely the biggest player behind it.

Dillon Cheverere – Exceptional Father, Noted Deal Haver, and Owner of the Greatest Laugh of All Time

Now, this guy is a true man. I’m sure many of you know or have heard of TFM (or Total Frat Move), well guess what… Dorno here is one of the OG pioneers behind it all. Technically, two other dudes who aren’t nearly as cool or important were the founders, but Mr. Cheverere here is who I picture when I think of TFM. Those days are in the past now, however, as he is one of the three founders of Washed Media. This company is destined for greatness, and the fact they have a guy as awesome as Dillon at the helm is a great sign for this content company’s future. There’s more to Dillon than all of that nonsense though, like the fact that he is a father. This hits home with me as I will soon be a father (peep the letter I wrote to my child), and I actually hope to be as good of a dad as this guy seems to be. Since the inception of Washed, he has also undoubtedly become the butt (no bleaching jokes here Dillon) end of most f the jokes. He’s a good sport though and takes 99% of them with a grain of salt. This company and podcast for that matter wouldn’t be the same without him.

David Ruff – Most Notable Duncanville Celeb, Potential Russian Spy, and Smoker of Meats

Now, I saved Dave for last because you always save the best for last. He absolutely slays me week in and week out on every single pod. I also feel like I have a lot in common with him (rapid-fire of jokes even if they suck or don’t make sense, lover of coffee, and smoker/cooker of meats) which is a key reason I think I am most attached to David. His header may be throwing you off a bit, more specifically the Russian spy piece, so let me explain. Dave here looks a smidge like Putin and is also amazing at 99% of his impersonations (if you get into the podcast you definitely need to go back and listen to his now-retired Ted Cruz ones), and was also born in Germany since his dad was in the military. So at one point on I believe the older podcast that shall not be named, he was compared to Putin and a Russian spy and it makes the most sense of all time. We all know Dave isn’t actually a spy though, but his impersonations are still killer. When you end up getting into this podcast, be sure to go back and find his Ted Cruz, Garden Snake, and Frat Guy impersonations, they will 1000% make you chuckle while you sit at work ad listen.

All in all, this podcast is a 100 out of 10. I wish I lived closer so I could meet these three at one of their meetups and chill with them, but maybe one day Will will actually open up Will Mon’s and I can just go grab some jerked chicken and a seasonal cocktail with him there. I would be remiss if I did not mention New Hire Brett as well, who is also a great addition to the team, but he hasn’t been around long enough yet to warrant a gas up such as the above (be patient Brett, you’ll get one soon). These guys will forever be my favorites though and I just wanted to share them with the rest of the world. Be sure to check out their podcasts by searching Circling Back wherever you listen to your podcasts. You can also read other reviews for podcasts, video games, and a plethora of other topics here, and go check out my personal blog as well for similarly related content!

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