Netflix works its magic and turns ‘Cobra Kai’ into a beloved series in the platform

Holy crap, it happened again, didn’t it? The Netflix effect is alive and real, people! Let’s just say that when you become a part of the streaming giant, you expect good things. If a series gets acquired by the streamer, expect that not only the series will bloom to its fullest potential, but so will Netflix.

One of the better examples out there is that of the recent Cobra Kai. Originally premiering for YouTube Red (now named YouTube Premium), the series ran for two seasons with the platform before YouTube eventually realized that those kinds of series aren’t really their forte.

That’s where Netflix swoops in. The streaming giant, at this point, realizes the full potential of the show––and they didn’t just buy the streaming rights, they bought the whole series and more. They even ordered a third season, and it’ll come in 2021.

To put it simply, Cobra Kai is a series that came years after the Karate Kid movies. Most importantly, the series never went out of its roots, starring their original main cast members in William Zabka and Ralph Macchio and they’re all grown up with the same faces of rivalry.

I mean, it speaks for itself, doesn’t it really? It scores 94% on RottenTomatoes and a whopping 96% from critics and audiences alike.

This is THE Netflix magic that we’ve all been desperate to see. The streamer’s eyes for potential is just outstanding––taking under-watched series from other platforms and networks and making it their own, and winning. Much like that of You and LuciferCobra Kai joins the ranks of beloved series when they’re put into a platform such as Netflix. However, we didn’t really see You flourish as much as the two, but it’s still one of the better series on the platform that I highly recommend you watch. Either way, Cobra Kai has now earned its number one spot in the streamer––passing Lucifer and their season 5A release.



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