The 5 Cutest Dog Breeds You’ll Want to Cuddle ASAP

True to their nicknames in being a man’s best friend, dogs have been the most loyal of companions––possibly even more loyal than that ex of yours. With that being said, research has also stated that they are partly responsible for you having a longer and healthier life.

However, the decision for the perfect doggo for your household seems to be the biggest problem of all here. If you’re just aiming for the cutest, here’s a short list of dogs that you could avail that makes all of your visitors say “awwwww!”


Tracing back to the 5th century BCE, Beagles were already serving their ancestors as hunting dogs in Ancient Greece. A couple of thousand of years later, the breed has cemented itself as one of the cutest as well as the most popular breeds among pet owners in America.

With their cute, floppy ears, a pretty impressive tricolor coating, and a face full of expression, the pup is sure to give you a good mood.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Believe to be derived from the 12th-century Pembrokeshire, Wales, where this breed of dogs was rewarded for their tasks of being watchdogs, herders, and even a driver of cattle. If Queen Elizabeth II shared her life with more than 30 of this breed, there’s no reason for you not to love it as well. Flaunting their fox-esque faces and their overall frame, these pups are the best to greet you in the morning!

Bichon Frise

Dubbed to be one of the most adorable dogs in the world, they’re also named to be the most enthusiastic. This breed is known to be one of the most playful, intelligent, and an overall blast to play with. During its time on the Canary Island of Tenerife, Bichons, they were the preferred pets of the nobles. During the 19th century, they were known to be performers and partnered with their inherent intelligence, this breed knows how to be a performer––and how to make you happy.

Basset Hound

In France and Belgium, these cute puppers were designated hunting companions for their skills of picking up the scent of wild animals––especially deers and rabbits. However, the present times have changed and they’re mostly known for their cute, lop-sided ears and expression––a surefire additional points for cuteness.

However, don’t let their soul-looking eyes and laid-back nature make a joke of you. The Basset Hound is pretty hard to train. Once you get past that, though, their good nature always gets the best of them––making it a wise decision to get this into the family if you’re willing to train them as well.

Jack Russell Terrier

If you’ve watched The Artist, then you surely know about the Jack Russell Terrier––and we’re sure you loved it then. However, there are plenty more reasons than just it being worthy of the cameras. This breed boasts itself of crazy athleticism and intelligence. With its big brown eyes and tons of personality squished into one small dog, its adorability level is off the charts.

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