Dan Aykroyd: Net worth, celebrity facts, and more about the ‘Ghostbusters’ legend

Daniel Edward Akroyd, born on July 1, 1952, in Ottawa, Canada, is plenty of things––an actor, producer, comedian, musician, and filmmaker. If you’re an avid fan of Saturday Night Live, then you’re familiar with the guy as he is an original member of the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” lineup on the show.

Net Worth$180 million
Source of IncomeProfessional Actor
BirthdayJuly 1, 1952
Zodiac SignCancer
Country of Origin:Ottawa, Canada
  1. Diagnosed with Tourettes: When Aykroyd was a kid, he had Tourette Syndrome. As an adult, though, he’s not suffering from the disorder anymore as he was treated with therapy.
  2. The Forefathers: Aykroyd was an original member of the biggest and most notable American comedy program, Saturday Night Live.
  3. Real Ghostbuster: He’s a big believer of anything paranormal, and his real-life events were what inspired Ghostbusters!
  4. Catholic Priest: Until the age of 17, Aykroyd wanted to become a Catholic Priest. We wouldn’t have had one of the best entertainers in the industry if he didn’t set off on the path of fame.
  5. ‘We got it! We got it!’: Believe it or not, he actually used this line in two of his films––one for Ghostbusters and the other for The Great Outdoors.
  6. We Are the World: In 1985’s charity record, he’s one of the singers of We Are the World‘s chorus.
  7. It was Real!: In a scene for Ghostbusters, some parts of it were filmed without a permit so, at one point, a real security guard was chasing him down.
  8. Physically Different: The colors of his right and left eyes are different from each other––and he also has webbed feet!
  9. Engaged to Princess Leia: Yup, he was engaged to the late Star Wars legend, Carrie Fisher. However, it didn’t last long as Fisher reconciled with his ex-boyfriend in Paul Simon.
  10. He’s Still Got It!: To this day, the legend is still working in the entertainment industry. He voiced Yogi Bear in… well… Yogi Bear. Alongside that are tons more projects in the recent years!

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