Dan Schneider from Netflix’s ‘The Pharmacist’ fights against Opioids alongside Miss America 2020

The Pharmacist is one of the most talked-about documentaries this year––and it continues to speak up about what it’s fighting for. The St. Bernard Parish father, Dan Schneider, continues to fight against the crisis of prescription pain drug addiction and its overdose numbers. Through it all, he isn’t alone in the fight.

Schneider, gaining a massive following after his true-crime documentary, was in the hopes of using this following as a means to gain more support against the opioid crisis––and it sure paid off. Standing alongside Schneider in the fight is Miss America 2020, Camille Schrier.

Schrier is a pharmacy student at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy. After her coronation as Miss America, she connected with Schneider in light of his fight against opioid.

“Through my year as Miss America, I get to advocate nationally for a cause of my choice, and I choice drug safety and abuse prevention because I am a pharmacy student,” Schrier said.

“It’s a duo that’s rare,” Schneider said.

“It’s more than just to say no to drugs, it’s also educating patients that are being prescribed these medications to keep themselves safe when they are taking them,” Schrier said.

If you’re not aware of Schneider’s documentary, The Pharmacist, then here’s a rundown for you. The four-part docuseries saw how Schneider solved his son’s murder case as well as exposing the corruption instilled in the opioid industry.

Schneider carries his son’s picture with him all the time as a symbol and an inspiration for the fight and of course, the on-going mission against opioids. Through the Tunnel of Hope, this will be Schneider’s way to call for change alongside the supporters and hopefully gather enough resources to lobby the congress for change.

“You can sign up and be part of what I call a living petition to do something about it and influence politicians,” Schneider said. “We want some changes. We want some real action, and we got to put a dent in this problem.”


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