Here’s the Story about David Dobrik’s Wife, or Ex-Wife for that Matter

This will be really hard to explain. The fact that you’ve searched up “david dobrik wife” on Google is crazy––but I respect it. Who doesn’t want to be David’s wife (or husband) anyway, am I right?

Well then, I’m glad to tell you that David isn’t married and is, in fact, single. Just not sure about the mingling part. However, David did get married––so if ever you’re hoping to be David’s first partner, I’m sorry.

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It might’ve been one of the quickest life decisions seen on YouTube but time and time again it has proved to be one of the funniest. On the 18th of May, we see in David’s vlog a normal in-the-car scene with Jason joking around with David. As banter comes left and right, David says:

It’s so crazy to think that your kids like your ex-wife’s boyfriend more than you.” A major ouch.

But Jason quickly responds, saying:

It’s so crazy to think that you’ll never have an ex-wife because no one will f*cking marry you ever.

If you knew David, you should have expected what was happening next. And Jason, at that moment, he knew he f*cked up.

A couple of hours later, we see David, Jonah, and some of the squad in his car, and guess what? He’s planning to fly to Boston to marry Jason’s mom. And I quote:

I’m flying to Boston to propose to Jason’s mom so I can become his step-dad.

That’s incredibly savage.

After flying to Boston, going to Lorraine’s (Jason’s mom) house, flying to Vegas to get officially married, and eventually going to Hawaii for an epic honeymoon––the “couple” finally went back to the LA house to tell the squad of what happened the past few days and everyone just went crazy.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for––the reveal.

When David fills Jason in on what happened (with Josh Peck in the back), Jason didn’t do anything but applaud for David. The mere fact that David went THAT far just so he could get back at Jason for a burn is actually pretty impressive. Plus it’s hilarious for content.

At that point in time, David has won––and not only has he won, he’s also Jason’s step-dad.

However, he and Lorraine had to cut things off after a month of love. I also loved Lorraine during the whole prank––she was actually pretty happy to get involved with David’s shenanigans and that goes to show how Jason and David are friends to the brim.

Best David Dobrik prank ever. Nothing else matches this one––and that’s his wife, or ex-wife rather, for you.

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