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David Letterman Returns to Netflix: Is it Worth It?


The legendary American television host in David Letterman has finally eyed his return to Netflix. My Next Guest Needs No Introduction is coming back to the streaming giant. Time and time again, the series has found its reasons to return season after season––dating back to October 2019. As the show debuted in January of 2018, David Letterman’s name has brought millions of fans to Netflix and with star-studded guests such as Barack Obama, Shah Rukh Khan, and JAY-Z, how could you even not watch the show? 

The talk show host is fresh off an appearance at the Emmys, of course, remotely, and his Netflix show titled My Next Guest Needs No Introduction has returned to the platform’s libraries on the 21st of October boasting four episodes under its belt. 

Normally, however, the series has always boasted of six episodes per season so the third season has proved to break the cycle. However, the guests may just make up for it with the likes of Kim Kardashian-West, Robert Downey Jr., Dave Chappelle, and Lizzo. 

Some of the biggest stars in the business––those who definitely do not need any introductions––will be sitting down with Letterman. Contrary to the release schedules of the first season wherein episodes rolled out weekly, the third season will be mimicking that of the second season’s schedule whereas the season two’s episodes released all at once.

This show’s relevance had people remembering that this is the first bit of news of Letterman’s newest season of the show. As mentioned before, the latest of its release was a special in October of last year, 2019, and since then has wrapped up the second season during the summer of 2019. 

Obviously, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction provides the balance Netflix has been sorrowfully needing for their talk show genre––especially after cancelling one of their biggest shows in Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj, following a long list of Netflix cancellations with titles such as The Joel McHale Show and The Break With Michelle Wolf

The question whether it’s worth it to watch lies in your hands––if the mentioned celebrities aren’t enough to reel you in on this new season of Letterman’s Netflix series, then which will?

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