Death Stranding – The Beginning (Review #2)

Welcome back. I cruised through some more of Death Stranding this week and decided to put together the second review. This game continues to impress as I progress through the story and I cannot wait to see what the final episodes have in store for me. With that being said, let’s hop right in…

Episode 5: Mama

This episode was the first time where you truly need to travel extreme distances to make Sam’s deliveries. Upon meeting Mama, you find out that she has a BT baby attached to her due to an unfortunate void out near the hospital she was about to give birth in. In turn, she gave birth while in the rubble and the child died, leaving the baby’s soul connected to her own and rendering it a BT. Sam is clearly perturbed by this, yet he agrees to help Mama with transporting goods and continuing to connect people to the chiral network. She also introduces you to what I think is the most valuable item in the game so far, the zip line. The main goal here is to make your way from her lab to Mountain Knot City. Now, if you’re looking at the map you may be thinking, “Oh, that isn’t too far to travel.” But you’re wrong. The way is blocked by a massive mountain range covered in snow that essentially completely hinders Sam from traversing it (or at least for the moment), so you must go all the way around the mountain and through two other smaller knot’s to get there. This was quite the trek, but it also opened up a ton of the map as well. Upon arrival, you find out that the woman in charge of Mountain Knot City is Mama’s twin sister. This leads to a call from Mama saying she needs you back at her lab, and you immediately decide whether or not you want to make your way around the mountain again or not. I chose to cross the mountain but regretted it nearly 20 minutes in when I realized I was only roughly half of the way back to Mama’s lab.

Once back, Mama then says she knows what’s wrong. Apparently, her sister and herself had a telepathic connection of sorts up until Mama had the BT baby. So she has Sam cut the umbilical cord and then asks if Sam can deliver her back to the sister (really… back to the mountain AGAIN, Mama?). This makes the last two voyages look like chalk walks though as carrying a human on your back for thousands of meters is not easy. But, before the voyage even begins you are greeted by the one and only, Higgs. He summons another massive BT monster that is some sort of lion/chimera mix with a gold mask on that you are supposed to kill. However, I found out that you can also just run out of the tar and it will vanish nonetheless, allowing you to proceed with your delivery of Mama. After walking 10,000 miles and reuniting the two sisters, Mama dies (lol). This part really confused me at first, but then you quickly realize that Mama’s being/soul is now a part of her twin sister’s, and they have formed some sort of awesome super brainiac twin person. Once you’re done with all of this, you can finally take Sam back down to a private room for some rest before the next episode begins.

Episode 6: Deadman

So episode 6 started in quite an… intriguing way. Sam awakens from his deep slumber to find Deadman in his room, who immediately proceeds to pull him into the shower. Apparently he has some suspicions about the Bridges leader, Die-Hardman (which by the way I can’t wait to hear the story behind that name), and the showers are the only location that the two of them can have a conversation that won’t be overheard. Deadman should have at least took his shirt off or something though, pretty obvious when you’re fully clothed in a shower that you arent doing anything you’re trying to make people think you may be doing. Anyways, from here you set out to connect more chiral networks for preppers nearby, but based on everything Deadman just told you, Sam must do it without the help of his BB as it needs calibrating. This definitely makes the episode much more difficult, but all in all, it was still one of the easier ones so far. I was lucky enough to have plenty of zip lines scattered throughout my area so I easily avoided the BT’s once I had the networks connected. This is a lot of mountain travel, which is slow at first, but you eventually unlock the all-terrain skeleton that makes these journeys much simpler. Once you have all of Sam’s crucial storyline deliveries completed, Deadman will hit you up on the codec and ask for you to meet him at his cabin. The second you get near it though, a cutscene triggers and another supercell flings the both of you into the next chapter.

Episode 7: Clifford

This was hands down my favorite episode so far. After the first encounter with Unger, I now knew what to expect from this otherworldly war challenge that was set before me. Sam and Deadman wake up in separate parts of this war-torn zone, and we begin with a small scene from deadman. He and BB (who Sam has begun calling Lou by the way) are down near a sewer as a tank and some tar-zombie soldiers cross above him. Deadman then reaches out to Sam to come and save him as he cannot do anything, which results in Sam making his way through a ghastly battlefield once more. This wasn’t overly challenging, and I picked up all the gear I came across in anticipation of a bigger battle than episode 4. You make your way down to the sewer and slowly slink through it in search of Deadman. Sam stumbles across him rather quickly, yet he is on the other side of a bunch of bars. Thankfully these bars are somewhat wide and Deadman can at least get BB through, finally reuniting the magnificent duo of Sam and Lou. This basically triggers the final fight, because once Sam has BB he exits the sewers to find Unger and his tar cronies waiting for him. I absolutely ran through this fight with the aid of the level three assault rifle that was equipped with hematic rounds, which is quite a neat concept in all honesty. Sam will need to take out four or five tar dudes before going after Clifford, who he will need to knock down five times if I’m not mistaken. Technically, one could just go for Unger first and avoid the tar dudes, but that just makes the fight harder and honestly takes all the fun out of the only acceptable time to “kill” anything in this game. Once Cliffy boy has been knocked down for the last time a cutscene triggers that leads to both Sam and Deadman escaping back to the real world.

And once again I have run out of episodes to talk about. It is Friday though, so I should be able to play a good amount this weekend and update you all with more (if not the rest) of the game before next week! Be sure to check out Death Standing – The Beginning (Review #1) and all of our other content out while you wait.

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