Debbie Higgins: The Answer to Who was Dr. Phil’s First Wife

Dr. Phil McGraw, a name that resonates peak television days, is one of the biggest icons in talk show history. The host, best known as Dr. Phil, is well-known for his relationship advice and with that a solid marriage with his wife, Robin McGraw. Boasting over 40 years together, two beautiful sons, and empires upon empires––you’d think that the couple had no business of faltering.

However, as solid as the relationship may seem––and how Dr. Phil identifies himself as a relationship guru––the talk show host has actually been married before. He had a brief marriage with an ex-wife he didn’t talk about too much, really, but the social media people want answers––especially after his ex had a lot to say after they split up.

Phil McGraw and his first wife in Debbie Higgins were lovers since high school in Kansas. As Dr. Phil grew up to be one of the stars of their high school football team, Higgins developed to be one of the best and most beautiful cheerleaders out there––considering she’s also become the homecoming queen.

People familiar with the couple thought that they would last forever––claiming that they were even inseparable as teenagers. In 1968, they graduated high school, and soon after, Higgins moved with McGraw to Lubbock and eventually to Topeka as McGraw began to pursue his dream career.

Two years later, the couple got married on the 27th of November, 1970, at a Presbyterian church in Roeland Park, Kansas, when both were just 20 years old. Two years after that, they separated and officially got annulled in 1973.

According to an interview, Higgins said that McGraw was a “kind and sensitive” high school boyfriend, even up to before the days of his fame. However, when he got into contact with Oprah and his career as Dr. Phil, she said that things have changed.

At first, Higgins referred to McGraw as “domineering” and said he just wanted her to stay at home and care for the household. To add to that, he also said that she should make an effort to maintain her looks. Like a “tightly coiled spring,” she described how she felt about the domineering ways that led to her anxiety.

Higgins also said that McGraw was unapologetic when it came to his infidelity. At the end of it all, she called it off and claimed that he wouldn’t promise to stop seeing other women––explaining the comments of his “roving eye.”

After a life without McGraw, then Debbie Higgins McCall was a liquor store manager in Kansas City. She’s also worked as a film editor and has built quite a career for herself as well. She chose not to entertain any more interviews about her ex-husband. Unfortunately, she died of cancer while she was a mother to Marci McCall according to her brother.

As for the claims, Dr. Phil never really got in touch with it––not confirming nor denying the accusations brought upon by his ex-wife. He did say that there was a kind of social pressure for a football player and a cheerleader marrying each other.


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