Supposed Theatre Masterpiece, ‘Diana’ the Musical, is coming to Netflix amidst the pandemic!

Amidst the pandemic, Netflix has flourished to become one of the top suppliers of entertainment. So much so that what was supposed to be a Broadway debut turned into a stream on Netflix as Diana the musical makes an unexpected move to transfer to the streaming platform so as to not anymore deal with coronavirus restrictions.

As Broadway theatres are closed and the chances of them coming back are slim, the musical about Princess Diana’s life, will not be coming to Broadway anytime soon––the soonest date it can go back to the theatres is on the 25th of May, 2021.

To compensate, everyone on the Diana project has moved to film the musical with all of its original Broadway cast without any audiences in New York. However, there have been no signs of Netflix giving it a release date.

“Though there is no substitute for the live theatre, we are honoured to be a part of the quality entertainment that Netflix provides its subscribers worldwide,” the producers of Diana said in a joint statement.

This is actually the first-ever time a Broadway show will be coming to the small screen first before its theatrical release. You might’ve seen something of this caliber from Disney+ as they have begun streaming the filmed version of Hamilton earlier during the summer.

Normally, theatrical pieces and their producers are hesitant to release filmed versions of their shows. The beauty of theatre acts lies in, well, being in the theatre. Plus if they saw it on stream, why would they watch it in theatres?

The good thing is that the industry has slowly been adapting to the conditions around them––especially during the pandemic where online alternatives are basically a must at this point.

If the film version gets enough traction from the people, there’s no doubt that they’d want to watch it in theatres as well. People know that there’s a different kind of beauty when you’re watching live.

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