Here’s what we know about Dirty Money’s questionable third season so far

Dirty Money is well renowned Netflix Original docuseries. It premiered on the streaming giant on the 26th of January 2018. Because of its success among the audiences, Netflix decided to renew the series for yet another year and premiered it on the 11th of March 2020––very recently considering the lack of content because of the pandemic. Both seasons had six episodes and, might I say, very well accepted by the fans.

The series has been led by numerous directors and has been helmed by very talented producers including Ama Del Deo, Yon Motskin, Stacey Offman, Lisa Nishimura, Jason Spingarn-Koff, and the ever-talented Oscar-winning documentary Filmmaker Alex Gibney.

However, the second season of the series has just released and it’s probably too early to tell if there’ll be a following season. If anything, we’ll just wait for the streaming platform or the showrunners’ announcement for the renewal.

For a show as good as this one, it’s a blurry sight for Netflix to even consider discontinuing the franchise. Maybe a couple of reviewing some figures and sorting out rates, we’ll already be on the way to the third installment. But as of now, nothing that says renewal pops out just yet.

If you haven’t watched the series, well, the show basically interviews politicians with a little bit of stardom in them––these celebrities include the likes of Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Hilary Clinton, Stuart Johnson, and a lot more. If the series were to continue on for its third season, we can expect more studded interviews. These interviews narrate the corruptions and frauds these star politicians have been involved with one way or another.

Well, everything’s not in the bag yet. Consider it as delayed gratification given that the streamer just released a new series––and you know Netflix with their tactics in releasing new seasons.

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