Disney+ may be currently working on a live-action series by Kingdom Hearts

I love it when the worlds of video games and series intersect, and it seems that’s exactly what’s happening inside Disney+.

Lately, some rumors about a new Disney+ series have gained strength. The news indicates that it is very possible that Kingdom Hearts, the famous video game from Square Enix, will be adapted to the series format for Disney’s streaming platform. Kingdom Hearts has become an essential part of the gamer culture after all the titles of the franchise launched in different game consoles. However, it seems that now we will also enjoy the story in another entirely different medium, a series.

Rumors intensified in the gamer community over the weekend. Inside the Magic, which specializes in exclusive Disney rumors, announced that the project has been under discussion for some time and that Disney+ is probably already working on it. Also, Grace Randolph of Beyond the Trailer said she is in touch with her internal Disney sources who confirmed that the Kingdom Hearts series is a work in progress.

Official confirmation of a live-action series may not come soon. It is a project that involves the collaboration of Disney and Square Enix, not to mention that the coronavirus pandemic still has the entertainment industry paralyzed. But it would undoubtedly be a series that from the beginning would already have an assured audience.

With all these rumors the hype is real, but for now, there are no more details about the production. We’ll have to wait for the global context to calm down a bit before Disney+ confirms the story.

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