Nicole Tuck: 17 Things You Didn’t Know About DJ Khaled’s Wife

Nicole Tuck is the wife of famously known DJ Khaled. Nicole is an American that was born on December 7, 1975, making her a Sagittarius. She is known as the unofficial manager of her husband and not much is known about her life before meeting DJ Khaled except that rumors say she is from an affluent Palestinian-American-African family.

Nicole attended college at Marymount Manhattan College where she graduated in 2003. Later she completed her post-graduate in Business Administrations from Fordham University and graduated in 2005.

Here are some things you may not have known about Nicole Tuck:

1. Nicole and DJ Khaled met before he was famous
The couple met in the 90s way before DJ Khaled was famous and has been together for eleven years.

2. In 2011 she started her own business
Her business was called ABU Apparel, but it wasn’t successful.

3. The couple has a son together and “another one” on the way.
Their son Asahd Tuck Khaled was born in 2016 and is frequently seen over the couple’s social media.

4. DJ Khaled documented Nicole in labor on Snapchat
You heard us right, from the moment Nicole went into labor to when she delivered Asahd, her husband put it on his social media profile.

5. The couple got engaged in 2016
Right before their son was born, DJ Khaled popped the question to Nicole.

6. In 2013 DJ Khaled proposed to Nicki Minaj
The couple says it was a joke but was it?

7. Nicole uses Instagram
You can find her at @therealnictuc where she posts photos of her family. She currently has 30K followers which is nothing since her toddler son also has an Instagram with 1.9 million followers. Ouch.

8. The couple may have secretly married
No one knows when or how the couple got married, but some say it happened shortly after their son was born in 2016. There are no photos or news reports of the wedding which is a bit of a shock since DJ Khaled is so vocal on social media.

9. Her husband was a brand ambassador for her clothing line
After Nicole created ABU Apparel, she hired her husband to be a brand ambassador which helped skyrocket her sales. However, the buzz didn’t create enough sales to keep the business alive.

10. ABU Apparel has a secret meaning
Nicole decided to shorten the name of her clothing brand to ABU Apparel which stands for “Always Be You.

11. Her shared house with DJ Khaled is worth a lot of money
When we say a lot of money, we mean $20 million. The couple bought late actor Robin Williams’ old house in Mulholland Estates in Los Angeles.

12. She also drives a Bentley
Yes, a $70,000 Bentley.

13. Nicole is taller than DJ Khaled
Nicole is 5 foot 7 inches while DJ Khaled is 5 foot 5 inches.

14. There may be more babies on the way
In a recent interview, DJ Khaled mentioned that he and Nicole talked about extending their family and making Asahd a big brother.

15. Nicole likes working out
If you watch DJ Khaled’s Snapchats you can often, see him commenting on Nicole’s workout routines. Most of the time she doesn’t enjoy being filmed while sweaty.

16. The couple held a joint birthday party
The couple birthdays are only a few days apart, and in 2018 they shared a party together where they both received watches that totaled $159K.

17. DJ Khaled’s wife Nicole Tuck is pregnant with a second child, a boy
Another one! On September 12, 2019, DJ Khaled and his fiancee Nicole Tuck announced that they are expecting a baby boy. Their Instagram announcement video already has been watched more than a million times. If you want to add up to the counter, here’s the video:

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