Rejoice, Dungeons & Dragons Players.. The Movie is Likely to be on Theaters in 2021!

After talks of a Warner Bros inspired movie of Dungeons and Dragons from 2015, it has finally been set for a 2021 release! Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are reportedly going to direct the upcoming game-inspired movie from what was once rumored to be Chris McKay. This isn’t the first time Goldstein and Daley worked on a movie, though! Back in 2011, they directed Horrible Bosses with Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Kevin Spacey to name a few.

According to Variety, the directing pair will be working with Paramount. If you’re a fan of The Flash, they were also part of the crew but had to leave because of creative differences. Bummer.

There’s a huge fanbase awaiting for this movie and it only got bigger when the Netflix-giant Stranger Things introduced the idea of both Dungeons and Dragons and the Demogorgon.

The strategy, role-playing, and tabletop game-turned-movie will be about “a warrior and his band of mystical creatures – including a half-dragon and a cunning gnome – as they embark on a dangerous journey to find a mythical treasure,” said The Tracking Board.

If you’re excited for the cast then so are we! There’s no news about a final casting, though, but it seems promising that Ansel Elgort is set to accept the Warner Bros offering according to the words on the street. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Ansel in elf ears? Or maybe a Vin Diesel? The action-packed heavyweight’s quite the man for all these D&D stuff since two years ago, he’s played with a couple of fans. Was it really right under our nose, people?!

Dungeons & Dragons was designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson and was first created in 1974. It’s a tactical war game full of strategies played using figurines, with a D.M or the ‘Dungeon Master’, as they like to call it, organising the game and players. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a movie about the game has surfaced. Errrr, having an adaptation in the 2000’s didn’t really quite workout with the die-hard fans and the critics.

Well, Dungeon Masters, get on it. 2021 will be YOUR year!


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