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The CW confirms ‘Dynasty’ Netflix season 3 release date

The first couple of seasons of ‘Dynasty,’ an original The CW production, were released internationally a day after the day after it aired on The CW. But when Season 3 premiered on The CW, fans were disappointed when they saw the show didn’t air the following day on Netflix.

This raised confusion, even for the Dynasty crew. Rafael de la Fuente wrote in his Instagram account, “International fans of #Dynasty, I am so sorry about the confusion regarding the availability of the episode on Netflix. Truth is, we haven’t been formally informed (none of us, not the actors, producers, creators, etc.) about what is happening. There is talk that the season might be uploaded all at once when it finishes airing here in the US on The CW because the show apparently does better when people can binge it.”

Then, Netflix France and Netflix UK confirmed the news when they both tweeted that they would release the episodes for binge-watching in 2020.

And, after that, The CW confirmed to Newsweek the exact release date for Season 3, a spokesperson of The CW said in its international territories, Netflix plans to launch Season 3 all at once in Summer 2020.” In the US, Season 3 will appear on Netflix eight days after the season finale airs on The CW. If Season 3 follows the same schedule and has 22 episodes like the first two seasons, this means the Netflix premiere in the US will be May 30.

This means international subscribers will be able to watch the third season only a few weeks or months after American subscribers, in June or July.

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