“Eerie” – A Foreign Horror Movie is Ready to Take on Netflix

Ah, Netflix. You really don’t want your streamers to sleep, don’t you?

Months after a huge population of horror lovers watched Netflix’s hit Bird Box and Indian horror mystery Typewriter, fellow Asian movie Eerie from the Philippines comes to the streaming giant to, again, put goosebumps in places we never even knew existed.

One of the morel latest horror movies on the platform, Eerie, is a story about how a guidance counselor attempts to find the reason why a teenage girl committed suicide despite studying in an all-girls Catholic school. It follows the guidance counselor and the ghost of the young girl to reveal that there was an abusive past regarding the matter. I think you can picture how everything looks by now, yeah?

It stars Bea Alonzo, an accomplished actress in the country after working multiple hit movies for the enjoyment and entertainment of the Filipinos––Eerie being one of them.

There have been contrasting opinions about the movie, but streamers have still shared on Twitter their reactions about the new horror movie!


Just watched Eerie on Netflix and guess who’ll be sleeping with the lights on for a week?”

––That makes the two of us, Tine-tine. 🙁


Just watched #Eerie on Netflix and i don’t know what to say. I wasn’t very scared mainly because the scenes were too predictable for me although I was a little bit left confused at the ending with Bea. 6/10 sorry.”

––Ooooh! Tough girl, @Kimdahyuniedubu!

“eerie on netflix issa big yes”

––You’re a mood, @healyest!

Don’t let the people speak for you, my horror-loving streamer! If you want a foreign horror film, then this might just give you a good spoonful of what you’re missing! I think you’d do yourself a favor if you’d watch it. 😉

If you want to watch the creepy trailer, here you go, brave one!

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