Emily Ratajkowski’s Diet & Fitness Routine

Model Emily Ratajkowski has an amazing body and she has taken a self-care approach towards diet and fitness that everybody should take a look at. Surprisingly the model does not spend countless hours inside of a gym or carefully counting her calories, instead, she takes long hikes and indulges in delicious food when she wants, although her genes do play a big role in her fitness routine and approach to food. With the new year here you are probably looking to help change up your eating and fitness routine, so let’s dive into Emily Ratajkowski’s diet and fitness routine.

First and foremost, diet is always the most important when trying to lose weight and become overall healthy, so let’s take a look at Ratajkowski’s diet routine.

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1. Breakfast

This is the most important meal of the day regardless of what people say. Ratajkowski always starts her morning with a cup of black coffee which helps speed up the metabolism and her coffee comes from Blacktop Coffee. To go along with her coffee Ratajkowski also eats a pastry called kouign-amann which translate to a butter cake, or as the New York Times says, the fattest pastry in the world. When she foregoes the pastry she still sticks to her coffee but eats granola, yogurt, or toast alongside it.

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About that espresso life

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2. Lunch

Ratajkowski keeps it light and simple with meats and greens. Her gotos are a salad or a sandwich and she makes sure she stays conscience and well behaved, even on set with catering. To go with her meals Ratajkowski always adds a veggie juice. Her favorites include turmeric and beet juices and make her feel good about what she is putting into her body. The juices are very popular in L.A. and Ratajkowski says you can’t avoid them in that area. The veggie juices are also a fantastic way to add much-needed fruits and vegetables to your diet.

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King & Queen of Sturgeon

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3. Dinner

Ratajkowski looks at dinner as her social hour and tends to always go out and grab food with someone. If she isn’t into carbs she will choose a lighter meal like sushi or something light from a cafe. Other times she will go to an Italian restaurant, carb up, and drink a cocktail or wine. If Ratajkowski is home for dinner she enjoys cooking for herself. Protein is one of her favorite food items to cook and usually cooks a lot of meat for dinner. She even stated that she craves iron and really enjoys eating meat. By cooking at home for herself Ratajkowski is able to control how much sugar and salt goes into her food which helps her keep a balanced diet.

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EmRata x BurRata

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4. Snacks

When it comes to snacking or dessert Ratajkowski doesn’t limit herself. The model thinks it is okay to indulge occasionally and doesn’t mind diving into a bag of Doritos or a good cupcake. She says that it is okay to sometimes give your body a break from all the strict dieting and just give yourself something sweet or salty to really enjoy.

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Bb strawberry sassafras

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When it comes to exercise the model prefers a slower pace and doesn’t like going to the gym. Here are a few exercises that are always included in Ratajkowski’s day.

5. Yoga

A yoga studio is right by Ratajkowski’s home giving her the luxury of walking down the street and getting her flow on. Yoga is great for burning calories, stretching out, and going at a slightly slower pace than what gym junkies do.

6. Hiking

If Ratajkowski isn’t in the yoga studio she is outside enjoying nature. It is not uncommon to see Ratajkowski taking a hike around L.A. and burning some massive calories while doing so. Hiking is a great way to get both cardio and strength training in without having to run on a treadmill or lift massive amounts of weights.

7. Forgo the Trainer

Ratajkowski actually ditches the trainer and is not crazy into fitness altogether. Inside she finds routines and workouts that work for her lifestyle and sticks to those.

Besides diet and exercise, Ratajkoski makes sure that she gets plenty of sleep and drinks more than enough water to help flush her system when needed. Sleep and water are two extremely important factors when it comes to dieting and exercising.

Although Ratajkowski lifestyle may not work for everyone, remember some important things that she lives by. It is okay to indulge now and again, just make sure to stay mindful when doing so. Second, always find a workout routine that works for you, then you will stick with it and actually enjoy it.

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