HBO Max announces ‘Entre Nos: The Winners’ along with its release date

HBO Max doesn’t want to be left behind in its stand-up catalog, which is why the winners of the ‘Latinos Stand-Up’ contest, Mark Viera and Alex Carabaño will have their own comedy special on HBO’s streaming platform starting Friday, June 19th.

Viera and Carabaño will perform their comedy routines in front of a live audience, just like in the last edition of ‘Latinos Stand-Up.’ ‘Entre Nos: The Winners’ features both comedians who won an award in a stand-up comedy contest that was held in collaboration with the New York Latino Film Festival.

In their separate comedy routines, Viera talks about life with smartphones vs. life with beepers, his youth, getting in trouble for some social media post, and the ‘delete delete box.’

Carabaño jokes about his stories about being short, astrology, dating, and having a family that doubts his heterosexuality.

We can expect one thing for sure from this new HBO Max comedy show: variety.

This edition of ‘Entre Nos: The Winners’ will reach the entire HBO platform family. But if you want to warm up and get ready to laugh out loud, you can start watching previous editions of the show that were recorded in 2017, all of which will be available on HBO Max and the other HBO streaming platforms.

Previous editions of ‘Entre Nos: The Winners’ include:

‘Entre Nos’ parts 1 – 4
‘Entre Nos’ the series
‘Entre Nos: Spot On’

The list goes on, but you get it. There are a lot of comedy specials on the HBO streaming platform waiting for you to watch them. So get ready for this latest installment they just announced.

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