Everything You Need to Know About Season 5 of This Is Us


When times are tough, we just need to turn to our favorite shows to help get us through the times. With the pandemic here, some of our favorite shows could be in jeopardy and not aired timely like we expect. Fortunately, NBC did what they could and got filming underway for Season 5 of This Is Us

For season 5 of This Is Us, we see the biggest lie that Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia, has ever told Rebecca (Mandy Moore). The drama was delayed a few weeks due to the Coronavirus, and they are filming being impacted, but NBC would never leave fans without one of their top shows

What We Can Expect

Although we are in season 5 and we know that Jack is dead, the show is still jumping around in timelines so fans can get a glimpse of one of their favorite characters. This season we will have back-to-back episodes to kick the season off, and they focus on The Big Three’s birthdays. Kevin, Kate, and Randall turn 40 during this season and it’s a significant milestone for the trio. 

Fans are accustomed to seeing the Pearson patriarch throughout the seasons and while that will still be a major plot point during season 5, a lot of the focus this season will shift to Rebecca. From now on, we will see how her cognitive decline is affecting her and the family, and it seems that this will surround season 5. 

What We Know

NBC released a two-minute clip ahead of the two-hour season premiere. In the clip, we see Kevin go to Toby and Kate’s house and tell them the exciting news that he and Madison are expecting twins. We watch the duo process the information, Kevin bouncing with excitement, but Kate is a little more reserved. 

Even with Kevin being excited for Randall, the pair still have a difficult road ahead of them. Part of this season will focus on the fallout and lingering hurt that’s between the two brothers. Writers said that there would be a lot of rebuilding between the brothers and they might not be able to get to the same spot that they were once at. 

Things We Might Not See

When NBC films This Is Us, the scenes that take place in the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s are all filmed in Pittsburgh. Due to the pandemic, the show cannot film on location in Pittsburg, and although the creators of This Is Us was hoping to get a Steelers game into the show, they announced it wouldn’t happen this season. 


We know that the theme of season 5 is all about rebirth. Writers want season 5 to be uplifting and about new beginnings. This Is Us is headed in that direction not only for character growth but also due to the state the world is in right now. Be prepared to see a lot of words like birth and rebirth tossed around in season 5 and prepare for it to have a bigger impact on season 6. 


This Is Us season 5 premiered on NBC October 27th and new episodes will premier every Tuesday. We think we know some of what might be happening this season, but we also know that writers love to throw a wrench at us. Could Rebecca be on her deathbed? We will have to continue watching season 5 to find out.

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