Everything You Need to Know About Spider-Man 3


Ah, yes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its long reign over comic book fans and non-comic book fans alike is going to make a comeback––so to speak. After what seems to be one of the snakiest, backstabbing-est endings of any Marvel movie, fans are pretty much eager to see the third installment of Peter Tingle’s very own Tom Holland Spider-Man. 

For a wildly worrying amount of time last year, it almost looked as if Spider-Man 3 wouldn’t even get a nod from Marvel Studios considering Sony and Disney were still having a bout on who was getting the rights of the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Luckily, it didn’t go on for much longer nor did any cancellations come out. Just like life, everything works out in the end.

Recently, Spider-Man has broken ground with the likes of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse  and their newest PS5 game with Miles Morales

Enough chit-chat! Here’s everything you need to know so far about the upcoming Spider-Man 3, both confirmed and rumored of course!

Title and Production:

Here’s what you need to know: it’s not going to be titled “Spider-Man 3,” if anything, it’s just a place-holder. You know Marvel and their witty, mind-stamping titles, right? 

Thankfully, after wild rides that are Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home, Jon Watts is back sitting on his director’s chair wearing his director’s hat for yet another adventure alongside Peter Parker. Writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers are also coming back after working for Far From Home alongside producer Kevin Feige representing Marvel Studios and Amy Pascal for Sony. 

Production and filming started in October of this year, of course, following the pandemic-based safety precautions. Currently, the cast and crew have moved to Atlanta, Georgia to continue shooting. March 2021 is the expected date to finish all these pre-edit processes. 


Without a hint of surprise, Tom Holland returns as Peter Parker and Spider-Man alongside Zendaya as Parker’s girlfriend, MJ. Gladly, Jacob Batalan is coming back as Peter’s ultimate BFF, Ned Leeds, Tony Revolori as Spidey’s number one fan but Peter’s worst enemy, Flash Thompson, and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May! 

Hopefully, J.K. Simmons comes back as J. Jonah Jameson because as you all know, no one will play the character as perfectly as Simmons much like Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron-Man. 

Speaking of Iron Man, Peter Parker will also be needing some type of mentor just like Tony Stark and Nick Fury. Well, if you’ve watched some credits scenes and did your homeworks, Nick Fury wasn’t really Fury. This time, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange will fill that hole for Peter Parker. 

This is where it gets exciting and spicy. Joining alongside our “heroes,” per se, are Jamie Foxx to reprise his role as Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man 2 which Sam Raimi directed. 

Either fans will see both villains in different versions from this Peter Parker’s universe or they’ll be seeing the Multiverse come into play. Considering Doctor Strange is here, there are high hopes for a fantastic Multiverse for Spider-Man 3.


Okay, nevermind. Here’s where everything gets even spicier! Surely you’ve seen rumours running around that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are returning as, well, “Spider-Men” from their universes. With them, you can’t forget about Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone as Mary Jane Watson and Emma Stone, respectively. If this happens, this might be a good play from Marvel to finally celebrate 20 years of Spider-Man.

There are also rumours circulating that Charlie Cox, Netflix’s Daredevil superstar, reprising his role as Matt Murdock or Daredevil. In the comic, Spider-Man and Daredevil have teamed up quite the number of times. Considering that Murdock is also a lawyer, Peter Parker might need one after what happened in the ending of Far From Home


Whoever there is to thank, Marvel, Sony, or Disney––thank them. For almost two decades, they’ve brought the comic book character to life so seamlessly––connecting to kids and adults alike. With the soon-release of the third installment of Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man, all companies involved must be happy with his portrayal. Now, rumours may have circulated like a Catholic rabbit (like Nick Fury would say), but there are some details that have already been confirmed. 

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