A Brief Breakdown of Extremely Wicked, Ted Bundy, and the Role Zac Efron Kills

Ted Bundy is one of the most infamous serial killers in the United States. He confessed to roughly thirty murders, but no one truly knows how high his count climbs. His typical victims were younger women, who he did unspeakable things to both before and after killing them. The recent Netflix release, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, was set around the trial of Ted as he attempted convincing us all that he was not responsible for the deaths of the women he was accused of brutally murdering.

This movie was not what many believed it would be. I for one thought it was going to be Zac Efron running around murdering everything in sight, but I also had not done any research as to what the movie was about prior to its release. Through my first watch, I thought the lack of murder throughout the movie was going to be a huge hindrance to the success of the film. When going back through though, I think this actually helped the movie tremendously. By focusing on the trial rather than the disgustingly grisly murders, we got to see just how convincing Ted was.

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This ties into my next point, which is that the movie was done so well I was starting to believe Ted Bundy didn’t actually commit all of those murders. This is also somewhat due to the role Zac Efron played, which I will discuss later, but in my opinion this movie was flawlessly executed. We start with Ted’s traffic stop violation, which was what set his demise in motion. From here we almost immediately dive right into the beginnings of his trial, where we see just how convincing Mr. Bundy can be. As I previously mentioned, I didn’t do much research before watching this film and I also didn’t possess a vast knowledge of Ted. With that being said, I thought it was extremely interesting he had been a law student and ended up defending himself in court. This was where I began buying into that he may have been wrongfully accused. Now, I knew he had been arrested for countless murders, but I was beginning to think our judicial system may have locked up another innocent man. Then, of course, we get the scene towards the end where he admits to killing the one woman to Liz and I felt like an absolute idiot. This merely goes to show how well done this movie was though, and I highly suggest watching it if you have not already.

Finally, Zac Efron without a doubt killed the role of Ted Bundy. I’ve always been a pretty diehard fan of Zac, but this role he almost played too well. It actually is a little concerning, if he was up at the witness stand and on trial for murder, he probably could convince me that he was innocent. His facial expressions throughout this movie were on point, and he really sold the creepy, co-ed murdering, psychopath bit.

All things considered, I would rate this movie an 8.5 out of 10. There were some things that could’ve been done better, but for the most part, this movie was phenomenal. From the dialogue to Ted’s ability to manipulate, this movie encapsulated the persona of one of the most notorious murderers to a T. With no surprise to any of us, Netflix yet again nailed another one of its original movies, which is why you’ll always find me watching and reviewing as much as I can.

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