Fans deem Netflix series, ‘Million Dollar Beach House’, as uncomfortable to watch for its racism

Netflix’s new reality TV show, Million Dollar Beach House, has been deemed “racist” by its viewers––and for all the right reasons. Fans have spoken, and they’re calling for the show to be pulled from the streaming giant as soon as possible.

For a new series such as this one––only releasing this week––it gained a lot of traction for its original concept. Five real estate agents working for Nest Seekers, a highly luxurious real estate company in the Hamptons. People took it to their social media accounts to express their unease while watching the show––commenting that there is some aggression towards real estate agent Noel Roberts, the only black member of the cast.

In the first episode, we saw Michael, one of the five agents, describing Noel saying:

Was Noel here today? Noel or whatever the fuck? You guys meet him yet? He’s very polished, right? Polished that one.

Once you’ve really got deeper into the show, it becomes more transparent that most of the realtors don’t really like Noel––especially Peggy, dubbing them as one of the biggest storylines of the show.

Twitter has been quite active when it comes to the show with thousands of tweets sharing their feelings for the show and of course, Noel’s stand on the show. One even said that the series “feels subtly racist.”


Some have even stated that the only black person and the only female person on the series have been “pitted against” each other and some, of course, just want the show to be taken down by the streaming giant.

There are a handful of people who try to defend the show, comparing it to that of Selling Sunsets where people are just catty in the realtor scene of things. However, it makes you think, in an ever-changing world of supposed acceptance and moving forward, how is it that we are still uncomfortable in this light of the world?

Either way, if you search for the series title on Twitter, you might see that almost all of the tweets are sentiments of discomfort and racism.



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