‘Fearless’: Release date, plot and more about the animated superhero

2020 has found a way to deprive us of any superhero film. From Marvel to DC, all we have are those YouTube videos about what you’ve missed while watching Endgame. However, Netflix has been widening its arsenal in terms of superhero titles and, well, who are we to complain?

This time, it’s an animated superhero-comedy-drama Netflix Original, Fearless, which will be premiering on the streaming giant in August 2020. With Cory Edwards spearheading the roles of director and co-creator alongside Vanguard Films and Animation and 3QU Media for production, the latest Netflix story will be something to look out for.

As confirmed by Netflix, the animated superhero feature will be coming on the 14th of August, 2020 and will be boasting a runtime of 89 minutes.

The film revolves around a gamer named Reid who becomes a full-time babysitter until one day when his favorite superhero video game summons not only one, not two, but three superpowered babies from outside of the galaxy to his backyard.

To star in the film are Yara Shahidi as Melanie, Miles Robbins as Reid, Dwyane Wade as Private Wade, Fat Joe as DJ, Leyon Azubuike as Private Ronnie, Miguel as Dr. Arcannis, Aman McCoy as Kira, Angie Martinez as Zone Nightweather, and Jadakiss as Captain Lightspeed.

Wacky names, I know, but I’m most interested in Dwyane Wade. Clearly, retirement’s been doing Wade real good––starring in movies and whatnot.

The filming began in July 2018. However, post-production didn’t come into play until May of 2019 and the film was only considered finished on the 22nd of July, 2020.

Well, just hope that this satisfies our superhero cravings. 2020 has been one of the most depriving years of cinema but we’ll see what this film is made out of.

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