Fortnite Creative Codes: 30 of Our Favorite Creative Codes of This Year

Be honest with me, if it wasn’t for games like Fortnite, where would you be during the quarantine? I’m pretty sure you’ve exhausted your battle royale prowess, but what if I told you there were a lot more things to discover in the game? Yup, they’re called Fortnite Creative codes. Basically, they are Fortnite maps that provide a newer experience to the unexpectedly 3-year-old battle royale game. Here, you get to enjoy whatever your map desires as long as someone else has made it for you. Here’s a thorough list of Fortnite Creative codes you can enjoy!

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This month of August saw one of the most creative maps to grace the game. It’s the United Kingdom’s The Factory in Manchester––a £130m arts venue. If you’ve played the map and enjoyed it or will be enjoying it in the future, you have to thank LaTurbo Avedon for getting the chance to explore a place that’s not even out yet. Wander around what might be one of the most expensive places you’ll ever tour virtually with modern art. If you’re sensitive to flashing lights, however, take this as a word of warning as some sections are full of it. You can check their official website for more information!

With that humungous of a map, it is joined alongside plenty more fun maps that boast of adventure, minigames, and even deathruns––and the majority of it was created by the polished and renowned map creator in 3dlab.

LaTurbo Avedon1248-2128-4287thefactorymcrAdventure
Paradise Highway8782-6603-2109noob_heroHide & Seek
Paranoia Tantrum 2: Genesis1520-4763-6403WertandrewEscape Maze
Deathrun Adventures1763-3666-6604jadubzDeathrun
3D Lab Party7527-5867-92953dlabMinigames
The Odyssey3555-6478-7916JxdvnAdventure
Splashdown1624-7677-19563dlabZone Wars
Kino der Toten0782-2189-7490mist_jawafettProp Hunt

April’s Fortnite Creative codes were also magnificent to the brim. One of which has to be one of the most originally done maps in Fortnite––mackjack’s Retro Runners––which was inspired by Pac-Man and the minigame. If you’re also familiar Garry’s Mod, there are a couple of Prop Hunt maps this month as well plus an impressive recreation of Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings. If there’s anything to be excited about, it’s trying out these maps by either playing its minigames or exploring first-hand what you thought was impossible to explore in the first place.

Yacht Club Prop Hunt8102-6553-6379squeezeman1970Prop Hunt
Minas Tirith – Lord of the Rings1048-3487-4391sven1205Creation
Alverton Hills: Livingston2801-1260-2849SundayCWAdventure
Silhouette Prop Hunt5176-4146-5073channelfnProp Hunt
Whack-A-Zombie: Arcade0266-6811-8054RitualMinigame
Retro Runners9249-5810-8947mackjackMinigame
Shopping Spree4102-3261-7361TinyFree-for-all
Memory Quiz Chapter 26422-6721-7141SeedohQuiz

If what sparked your love for shooting games, in general, was the Call of Duty franchise, then I’m happy to tell you that in February, two Call of Duty recreations have been added to the Fortnite Creative maps list with the likes of the Nacht der Untoten Zombies map and the Shipment gun game. These creative maps aren’t only fun to play, but they’re also nostalgic as f*ck. Alongside these memorable maps are minigames, adventures, and a parkour map that’s beginner-friendly. This February release boasts of something everyone can enjoy!


Call of Duty Zombies: Nacht der Untoten3685-4019-1094mist_jawafettMinigame
Snakes & Ladders1512-1011-3409RelatableMinigame
Default Deathrun0666-9293-5226nvkenworthDeathrun
Ake’s Skill Slide 28265-8206-0536akeDeathrun
Lost: Chapter Two9596-4198-3982JuxiAdventure
Bubble Burst3359-2387-5824yojj47Minigame
Dumb Ways to Die in Fortnite8630-3127-5260subcloningParkour
Shipment: Gun Game4804-9489-3873benz4ducksFree-for-all

Here are some of the special mentions we’d like to share with you!

Bikini Bottom by theblackshield (5269-3591-1191)

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea, you ask? Well, it’s probably you after knowing that this map exists! Spongebob has been such a trademark in everyone’s lives that his hometown deserves to be one of our special mentions. Not only is it nostalgic, but there are also waves of enemies to fiend off and a handful of side missions including Mrs. Puff’s driving test!

Bordernite by prudiz (2731-2533-2140)

Who doesn’t love Borderlands? Especially Borderlands 3, am I right? Thanks to creative map prodigy, Prudiz, we’re able to enjoy Bordernite––an open-world Borderlands themed map that has Claptrap as a quest giver all because of the Fortnite X Mayhem combination. So, if you’re a fan, better get started in exploring Pandora and collecting the powerballs, go to hell and face the final boss. What are you waiting for, eh?

Minecraft Survival by charlee-brown (9244-2094-0658)

Here we go. One that you’ve all been waiting for, perhaps. It just isn’t a “map” list if it didn’t have anything Minecraft-related. It’s a pretty straight-forward map come to think of it, considering it’s a Survival map. Basically, all you have to do, just like in the normal game, is to collect all the Ender Eyes and go to the End Portal. However, just like the normal game, there are caves, mine shafts, and more things Minecraft!

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