‘Galavant’ Seasons 1 & 2: After getting canceled, where is the fantasy series headed?

ABC’s series Galavant will be leaving Netflix, alongside its first and second season, in September 2020 in the United States. It had a short career in both ABC and Netflix.

Its short, yet fruitful, career on ABC ran in years 2015 and 2016 while contributing to the streaming platform with new seasons each September.

Created by Dan Fogelman, the fantasy series starred the likes of Joshua Sasse, Timothy Omundson, and Vinnie Jones. Not many people vibe with musical comedies but if you somehow do, though, then you’ve got yourself a new favorite series. The series revolves around a knight juggling two different things: finding a better half and helping a king get his kingdom on the right track.

Four years in on the streaming giant, and what some would call a short and fruitful career, is due to leave on the 7th of September, 2020 alongside its two seasons and 18 episodes all in all.

The thing is, Netflix isn’t new to losing ABC series on the platform. In fact, another ABC series will be leaving together with GalavantOnce Upon a Time will also be leaving in early September. Disney isn’t safe on Netflix’s radar, too, as their Christoper Robin film will be leaving in the same month.

If you were a fan, then you might be asking where is Galavant going to now. The positive outlook here is that its rights are free in most international regions and does have a shot at going to Disney+ considering the genre and overall feel. It just hasn’t happened yet.

If anything, Galavant can also go to Hulu as it is majority-owned by Disney. If not, it can go get licensed to a different streaming platform––maybe a break the series actually needs and deserves.

If it does go to a smaller market, it should spark a revival from the fans after ABC canceled the show in 2016.

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