5 Games Similar to IMVU – Discover New Alternative Virtual Worlds

The early 2000s was a good time for games in general. Some became generational, some became stepping stones for their franchises, and some were just uber-popular during their times––and IMVU is an example of the latter. IMVU or Instant Messaging Virtual Universe is an online virtual game where you can meet people from all around the world. It’s like Facebook, but with 3D avatars.

What’s even more engaging about the game is that there are over 30 million items in their catalog––all made by actual users of the game. With this system, IMVU devised a marketplace that will let players earn credits, and by doing so, these credits can be used to buy upgrades inside the game.

If you’re wanting a bit of nostalgia, we advise that you play the games we’ll be presenting to you down below––games with just as great visuals, gameplay experience, and so much more to discover. Here are 5 games you can play like IMVU!


ourWorld is also an online virtual game for teen girls. It boasts of more than 200 games inside the game, how crazy is that! From puzzles to action sequences in coffee shops to dance clubs, this virtual world game, I might say, is the closest to IMVU. With the luxury of also buying things in markets, meeting new people, and so much more, this game is one of the best comparisons to IMVU!

Lady Popular is an online fashion game available for both iOS and Android. Boasting of also millions playing globally, it surely is one of the best fashion games you can play considering it’s all in the comfort of your phones. In the game, you can express your fashion style pretty easily and compete against other players. Of course, this goes to show how creating an avatar has been upgraded over the years as you are presented with the luxury of customizing your skin, hair, eyes, etc.


Twinity is also an online virtual world game. However, it feels like one of the more realistic ones––maybe just because of the fact that they actually call their people “Twinizens” and I’m all over it. In the game, you’re able to navigate around many different versions of real-world cities called the Metaverse.

You can create your own avatar, dress them up, go shopping, party, and most importantly, you can interact with 3D chat and animations. You can even create your own island and host parties and live the life you’ve always dreamt of. However, you can only play the game on Windows devices––limiting it to a pretty hefty number of audiences.

Club Cooee – 3D Avatar, Chat, Party & Make Friends

Much like that of IMVU, Club Cooee is a more adult version of it, however. This game prides itself of having a friendly player base with the luxury of also chatting, making friends, and absolutely having fun. The app is free to use, so you don’t have to lose anything by trying!

Your 3D avatar will have the time of their lives as there are over 500,000 outfits available to them.


One of the few better browser-based video games similar to IMVU, Smeet is a different game graphically speaking, compared to the other games, by using 2D avatars. With the chat games embedded in the game, there are plenty of opportunities for people to meet other players––and together, adventures seem endless. You can also choose from different outfits every day and get the attention of everyone.

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