Gentefied, Netflix’s new dramedy that’ll make you LOL and OH SH*T at the same time

Gentefied speaks volumes of how being a young person of color in the US really feels. For them, an opportunity comes in droplets, yet they live in a land of drought. For the Mexican family of Gentefied, equality is non-existent and fighting against it seems to be an impossible task to conquer.

From the works of producer America Ferrera alongside writer/creator tandem Linda Yvette Chavez and Marvin Lemus, Netflix’s new TV dramedy focuses on the life of three cousins who are struggling to breathe air into their grandpa’s taco shop in the Boyle Heights neighborhood in the City of Angels that is Los Angeles. The problem: gentrification. It’s slowly creeping into the neighborhood forcing the Mexican population to go out of town, leaving their homes, during a crucial time when money doesn’t fall on trees.

Quite optimistically, though, each of the three cousins has their own dreams in mind besides relieving the taco shop. Ana has always wanted to become an artist but the financial aspect of it all has proven to become a problem in buying supplies and showcasing her work. Erik, on the other hand, is torn between the decision to finally start his own family or continue running the shop. Chris wants to go to Paris to become a chef but is afraid of leaving the Chicano heritage behind.

The three of them are spectacular in the series. Their storylines and their inherent co-existence just make Gentefied a lot easier to watch. While the dramedy tries to put itself together and celebrate their survival as a Mexican family in the United States, the story also highlights the struggle of the what-ifs––what if we lose our Mexican heritage? What if our houses are put down? What if, what if, what if.

Gentefied is a must-watch, considering it only came out on the 21st. Now, flaunt to your friends how addicted you are to Netflix and tell them about this new half-hour dramedy series!

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