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Ghost Rider, Helstrom, and the Adventure into Fear Storyline to Continue on Hulu

During the fourth season of Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC, Ghost Rider was finally put to light and we saw his current identity. Anyone who’s a fan of the show would think that Ghost Rider will finally get his arc in the television series. But, if you’re a real fan, you know that isn’t really the case. Jeph Loeb and Hulu has a very close relationship in terms of shows by the showrunner––Ghost RiderHelstrom, and the Adventure into Fear storyline will be continuing on Hulu, despite the network that introduced us to everyone’s favorite, Gabriel Luna.

According to Loeb, why his series is coming Hulu is because of some Netflix shows that the showrunner called out:

“No, we never intended for it to be on ABC because we wanted to do a show that was more mature. Look, it has the weight in the best way that there had been a Daredevil movie so that when there was a Daredevil television show, people knew the name. There was a lot of weight that came with the Daredevil movie that we had to shake off and prove ourselves that we could make a television show that became what it was. The good news is people love Gabe, people love the way that character works, the feature film levels special effects – and the part that’s really exciting is we’ll push it further. It will have a little fun that folks will really dig.”

That’s kind of a bold move from Loeb knowing that Netflix has quite the reputation. Despite Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. having a couple of darker stories that pushes Marvel to another level, maybe inclining them with the upcoming Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Loeb focusing, so far, on more terror, I think it’s just right for us to expect a scarier timeline for his shows.

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