Everyone is Looking Forward to HBO Max’s “Gossip Girl” Reboot

HBO Max is giving Gossip Girl its fair share of the modern world with its reboot! Ah, well, we’re expecting Upper East Side residents student-millionaires to be a tad bit more… aggressive. 😛 Aside from more destruction of self-esteems, curse words and nudity are now allowed! Oh, the potential of this show! Although, HBO’s own teen show, Euphoria, is still on top of the ranks for provocativeness.

As per E! Online, Josh Schwartz, writer and executive producer of the show, addressed the upcoming show coming to HBO Max’s edgier audience and network during the 2019 Television Critics Association last weekend. Given the audience now, Schwartz and the rest of the show will take advantage of the given freedom and liberty from the broadcast versus old home, The CW, but watchers shouldn’t get too frisky just yet.

I think you don’t ever want to feel gratuitous or something that you’re doing just because, luckily, we’re now airing post-Euphoria, so anything we do will seem tame in comparison I don’t think will be that controversial,” Schwartz exclaimed when asked about the certain pictures on the show.

Euphoria, compared to Gossip Girl, is probably a deeper, freakier show. This is considering that there was a time wherein a leak of Euphoria suggested, well, 30 schlongs in a single scene, but that didn’t seem to be the case once the real episode came out. Though the upcoming series will be touching on drug addiction, overdosing, depression, rape, and other major trauma-inducing activities teenagers and the like experience today. Compared to Euphoria‘s teen nightmare (in a good way), Gossip Girl‘s looks more like a fairy tale amongst many others.

Regarding the curses, well, the show’s got it covered. Schwartz suggested that the show might throw in a couple of baddies here and there.

[W]hat feels organic to the tone of the show won’t be button pushing just for the sake of being able to do it,” he said. “Maybe a couple shots will throw in there just because we can.” Ah, this’ll be exciting. 😉

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