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Great Christmas Movies You Can Stream on Netflix

The holiday season is here, and nothing helps get you into the Christmas mood like a good Christmas movie. Although the Hallmark channel has all their own movies you can watch, Netflix is loaded with a great lineup of films that will make you cosy up and get festive. 

Enjoy this classic Christmas tradition by throwing on some fuzzy socks, grabbing some apple cider, and turning Netflix on. Here are some of the best Christmas movies you can stream on Netflix. 

Jingle Jangle 

Jingle Jangle is one of the newest Christmas movies to hit Netflix and will premiere on November 13th. The Christmas musical follows a toymaker that loves making unique inventions that are perfect for the holiday season. This season might be ruined though when his apprentice steals his prized creation. Now it is up to his granddaughter to help recover his toys and use her own inventions in the process.

This musical stars Phylicia Rasha, Forest Whitaker, and Keegan-Michael Key. John Legend also wrote the music for the film. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a classic for the holiday season, and everyone can agree that Jim Carrey’s version is probably one of the best. This version features Whoville in a live-action adaptation and follows the classic Dr. Seuss story from 1957. 

The Grinch doesn’t understand the true meaning of Christmas and wrecks havoc on the people of Whoville. That is until 6-year-old Cindy Lou takes an interest in the Grinch and tries to make him understand the true meaning of the holiday season. 

Bad Moms Christmas 

Bad Moms Christmas is perfect for a girl night or a mom night in. The movie features Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn who describe themselves as less than perfect Moms. The mom gang is over being the ideal parent for the holiday season and instead take some time for themselves that involves drinking, strip clubs, and some naughty photos with Santa. 

This movie isn’t a family-friendly movie, but if you need a good laugh or two, then we suggest you watch this one. 

A Christmas Prince: A Royal Baby

A Christmas Prince - A Royal Baby

If you loved A Christmas Prince, then you’re in luck since it is getting a third movie. We once again visit Aldovia during Christmas where the Queen is now pregnant with her and King Richard’s child. Not all are happy for the couple though since they need to mend some broken fences with an ally country before the baby comes.

A Christmas Prince is a top-rated Christmas franchise with Netflix, and there is no doubt that the third movie will be as equally good as the first two. 


If you and the kids love a good animated film, then take a look at Klaus. The film follows a struggling postal academy student named Jesper. Jesper is sent to work on an island that is located in the Arctic Circle, and there he discovers Klaus. Klaus is an old and lonely carpenter that lives in his cabin where he builds handmade toys. 

Klaus is a great and wholesome film that will make your entire family feel the warm and fuzzies and get you into the Christmas spirit. 

The Holiday Calendar 

This original Netflix film stars Kat Graham as Abby Sutton. Abby is a photographer that is working a dead-end job at Sears and wants to take her photographer business to bigger heights. Her grandfather gifts Abby with a magical advent calendar that can predict the future. Now Abby struggles with finding her dream career or her true love. 

The Holiday Calendar is a true Christmas rom-com that we can all agree we love to watch. Snuggle up with bae and enjoy the show. 

The Princess Switch

If you loved A Christmas Prince, then The Princess Switch will be right up your alley. Vanessa Hudgens plays Margaret and Stacey, one a Duchess of Montenaro and the other, a normal girl from Chicago. The two decide to switch lives to see what it is like and chaos ensues when the opposite loves the life they are living. 

This movie is filled with laughs, romance, and a little drama that will make you not walk away. The good news if you love The Princess Switch, Netflix is making a sequel! 

Christmas in the Smokies 

Christmas in the Smokies

Sometimes we can’t help but love a predictable plot, and that is what we get with Christmas in the Smokies. Shelby Haygood’s ex-boyfriend Mason returns to their hometown in Tennessee, and the two now need to work through their issues to help save Shelby’s family’s berry farm.

The film features a lot of country music and predictable plot points, but we can’t help but love it. 

The Christmas Chronicles 

Kurt Russell does a fantastic job playing Santa in The Christmas Chronicles. This movie is perfect for the entire family, and honestly, adults won’t be bored when they sit down to watch it. Two kids decide they want to catch Santa as he is delivering packages. While doing so, they accidentally come along to help him in his time of need. 

The movie is really wholesome and so good it is also getting a sequel. 

Merry Happy Whatever 

We can all relate to bringing our new partner over to Christmas dinner, and that is why Merry Happy Whatever is perfect for watching. Dennis Quaid plays a father that is less than thrilled to meet his daughter’s new boyfriend during the holidays. 

The film is relatable and funny, so everyone will get a good laugh while watching it. 


The holiday times are perfect for sitting on the couch and watching a good Christmas movie with a friend, a partner, or the entire family. Netflix is filled with a wide variety of Christmas movies that will work for anyone. 

Take a look through Netflix and see if some of your favorites are on there. For all you know you might even find a new choice that you can’t wait to share with everyone else. Happy Holidays!

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