The second season of ‘Hanna’ arrives at midnight at Prime Video

The premiere of the second season of ‘Hanna’ on Amazon’s streaming platform is perhaps one of the most anticipated by audiences. Luckily, the wait has never been so short: at midnight, we will be ready to enjoy the eight chapters of the new season of the show.

Amazon Prime Video has revealed a couple of trailers that have left us full of intrigue. We see Hanna in The Meadows, a training (and detention) facility for people with similar abilities. We also know that Hanna lets herself be captured to rescue her friend Clara, who is being held captive in the same place. All Hanna expects is to save Clara and get out of The Meadows as soon as possible, but she soon ends up involved in a disaster that makes her decide on her place among other people who are just like her.

Joel Kinnaman will not return in this second season of ‘Hanna,’ but Mireille Enos will repeat as Marissa Wiegler, a secret agent that during the first season, tried to hunt Hanna and her father. Marissa was utterly loyal to Ultrax, but maybe that will change in this new season of the series. In an interview, the actress said, “we will see Marissa’s maternal instinct slip through the cracks.”

We also have Dermot Mulroney as John Carmichael for the second season of ‘Hanna,’ and it seems that this time we will know more layers of the character that works as the antagonist in the series.

Enjoy the trailer one last time right here:

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